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Pete Price column for the Liverpool Echo: This week, The Dream Boys and Claire Sweeney – Pete Price


I THOUGHT I was dreaming– but it was true, I was in the arms of The Dream Boys. Apparently I fainted and they saved me from hitting the floor at a charity event in Gusto, Albert Dock.

I haven’t a clue why I came over all faint!

The Dream Boys are coming to The Empire on July 16. I’ve worked with a lot of strippers over the years. The big troupe of guys are always great, with their music, muscles, magic and mayhem – and of course titillation.

The audience goes wild and it’s fun for them but there is a seedy side to the industry.

I worked one club a few years ago with six strippers. I won’t mention the name, as it’s in our catchment area. The police were called because some women in the audience became quite violent and crazy. One woman was so drunk she climbed on stage and scratched and badly bit the stripper.

The behaviour of some women, which incidentally in most cases, is far worse than men on strip nights, never ceases to amaze me.

A few years ago, one woman sneaked backstage and I couldn’t begin to tell you the antics with the lads.

I left very hurriedly.

Two weeks later, I bumped into her in a bank where she had a very senior position (not the bank I have been with since I was 17 I hasten to add).

One woman in another club I was hosting made me very angry. She walked out during the show.

I shouted after her “Haven’t you seen anything you like?” Her racist comments because the guy was black stunned the audience. I’m glad she left.

You would be quite shocked at the number of guys from Liverpool who strip for a living.

In most cases they travel away as they don’t want to do it in their own backyard.

So as I say, these theatre shows are by far the best way to be titillated.

The Dream Boys are a nice bunch of lads who will give you a great night at The Empire.

You get nowhere without graft

Pete Price with Leanne Campbell and Claire Sweeney

CLAIRE Sweeney and Leanne Campbell are two very special ladies in my life.

They both have a lot in common, as they’ve worked very hard and are talented – that’s why they are where they are today.

Both try to give something back to society as a thank you, especially when it comes to charity work.

The three of us are so excited to be working in panto at The Empire this year. Leanne and I have worked many pantos, In fact, it wouldn’t be the same without her.

Claire and I have been mates for years, but have never worked together, so I am over the moon this year. By then she will have had her little boy, no doubt he will be brought on stage one night and presented like the cub in the Lion King.

Leanne’s two beautiful children will be saying in the wings “Mummy (actually this year Princess), I want to go on stage too”

Our star Ray Quinn, who is currently recording an album in America, will bring his own magic to Aladdin.

More women should take a leaf out of the girls’ books, They juggle home-life with trying to make a living. They didn’t come out of a reality show, they learned their craft.

Some people say it’s easy, that they could do it. Do it then. Nothing is given to you on a plate in the entertainment industry. The job is 24 hours selling yourself, networking, putting money back into yourself for acting classes, music lessons but most importantly you have to believe in yourself.

I love grafters and try to surround myself with them. It is hard out there to get work, but if you fight for it, you will always survive.

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