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Why I’m giving my ban-list a second chance – Pete Price


Now we are stuck with this government, I blame the people who didn’t vote at the general or local elections.

I believe it should be compulsory. There should be a section at the bottom of the voting form that says “I am not voting as there is no-one I want to represent me”.

At least you have thought about it, as it is incredibly important.

I get sick of people saying on my show, “… but they are all the same, these politicians.”

Well, you are wrong. Do some research. There are plenty of ways to find out about your candidate, or is that too much trouble? Doesn’t the country deserve that? That means wars were fought for nothing, people died to give you freedom and a vote.

Go see what it is like living in Cuba, Nigeria, China, North Korea, the list is endless. We sadly take it all for granted.

Another thing we take for granted is the freedom of speech in the press. When you think of some of the stories broken and told by the ECHO that wouldn’t be allowed in many countries. The paper would be closed down and journalists thrown in prison.

My phone-in is sometimes abused, which makes me cross. It is a voice for people who want to have their say.

Now we have the internet, millions can also listen around the world. It is a lifeline for Scousers abroad to commun-icate. They can listen and ring while reading the Echo online, so we must not abuse freedom of speech or take it for granted.

It was all this that made me think long and hard. It’s time to give my ban-list a second chance on the phone-in.

“This Sunday, I will throw caution to the wind and tear up the ban list, giving everyone a second chance.”

So this weekend I am having an amnesty. It’s as if I have been going for the Guinness World Record for people blocked on a phone-in. It’s now up to 3,000.

So, why would you be banned? Well, there’s a number of reasons.

Even though we have freedom of speech, there are still rules. The biggest is called sub judice. When someone has been charged or there is a trial, we can’t talk on air as it could influence the jury, so that’s a no-no.

Then there is slander, defamation of character – you just can’t do it. That’s why I despair sometimes when I read the lies and filth on the internet.

Most of my ban list is for bad language. I do give them a second chance as I have a delay button which isolates the call.

The BBC don’t use delay, which surprises me. If my button doesn’t work, nor do I. People say I am arrogant on the phone and cut them off. That’s actually wrong, you haven’t heard what they’ve said but I had to use the button. In most cases, it’s vile language.

This Sunday, I will throw caution to the wind and tear up the ban list, giving everyone a second chance.

What I love about the wonderful area we live in is that most people are gobby and have an opinion, so bring it on.

The time is right to do this as I was thrilled to learn I was the leading late night show, beating even Radio 2, so remember you have a voice through your MPs, newspapers and radio stations.

I look forward to the ban- list being lifted on Sunday but I must point out if you verbally abuse my producer Jonathan Dean, you have fallen at the first hurdle.

  • Talk to you on Sunday, City Talk, from 10pm until 2am.

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