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Posters Appear In Park Warning Dog Owners To Clean Up Their Pet’s Poo Or Be Shamed On Facebook


Someone has plastered angry posters urging dog owners to clean up after their pooches.

The A4 posters tell people to ‘clean up after your dog’ or risk being shamed on social media.

Credit: Manchester Evening News
Credit: Manchester Evening News

The posters, which are written in all caps, read: “Clean up after your dog as from now you are all on camera. Your face will look great on Facebook.

“Also goes for them who leave it on the pavement.”

The posters also carry the date 9 January – presumably the date the cameras started rolling. The posters don’t detail where the people will be shamed on Facebook, whether it’s from a personal page or onto some sort of dog poo neighbourhood watch page.

As yet, no one seems to have claimed responsibility for the posters, but anyone caught afoul of the dog fouling rules could face more than just being shamed on Facebook.

If you’re out with a dog in public and he does a number two, you are legally required to clean it up.

If you’re caught not cleaning up after your four-legged friend you could be whacked with a £50 to £80 fixed penalty notice – and if you don’t pay that, it can go up to £1000.

The fine doesn’t apply to just the dog owner, either, because it’s actually ‘the person in charge of the dog’ at the time of the pooping who is responsible.

As well as being against the law, not picking up after your dog is just grotty, but for those who don’t relish brandishing a dog poo bag a company has created a smart little robot that will come along and clean up the poop for you. Genius, eh?

Credit: Beetl
Credit: Beetl

The Beetl robot, which is currently still under development, has a built-in computer and camera that helps to detect the dog poo, before it goes scooting over and cleans it up using a special claw.

The clever little device even knows to avoid obstacles, thanks to its sensors, meaning nothing will stop it grabbing that s***.

Once scooped, the poo goes into a special compartment, so you don’t need to come into contact with it at all. What a time to be alive.

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