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Who makes the rules? You! – The Bona Venture


By Brianna McKnight
Staff Writer

When it comes to talking about fashion trends, where are people looking to for these trends and who is making the rules? Do fashion trends only include clothing items or do they include hair accessories, pins on clothes or bags and jewelry? Maybe the latest colors in style, patterns, pant styles and levels of distress are appropriate. Fashion trends actually include all of these items and characteristics and anything that makes up your physical appearance is considered a fashion accessory or trend.
Trends are always changing. The latest fur/teddy coats may be a hit one winter, but something new could change the game the following winter. Trends come and go like the seasons. However, fashion involves more than the latest accessories to become popular.
For example, bralettes became very popular three years ago. Since then, the trend died down and so has demand. What a lot of people forget is the importance of hair, nails and makeup trends. You may see someone with no nail polish on and you may not think anything of it, but that could most certainty be a part of their very own fashion trend.
If you are looking to be more hipster than classy, you may go for a more edgy look that calls for less than perfectly straightened hair and no nail polish, or nail polish that is different across each nail on your hands.
This is what makes fashion so much fun. There are no limits, and there are so many different trends you can experiment with. There is nothing anyone can say about someone else’s own fashion style, especially today, because there is much more to fashion than just staying in line with the current trends. The fashion spectrum is vast and constantly changing, allowing for it to be considered a time of experiment and exploration.
You may have glanced at fashion profiles on social media or public figure accounts that help advertise certain stores and fashion trends, but notice that the public figures and different fashion accounts all make up their own styles and may sport different trends.
Their styles are all different, including the fabrics and colors they wear as well as the style look they decide to create. This can include pieces of your outfit, such as makeup, how much is worn, what colors are used and placement is all a part of current fashion trends.
Right now one of the biggest fashion trends is expressing oneself through their physical appearance, and being able to be who you truly are. Being able to make a statement and stand out is very popular; no one wants to be following a fashion guide. This is confusing the fashion world when it comes to what is trending because almost anything can be trendy if worn correctly.
You should be looking to express who you are through your clothing, through what you can show the public physically, whether that be your hairstyle or color, nail color, the amount of makeup you wear or what colors you sport the most. Especially today, the best part about participating in fashion trends is by making them your own!



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