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Star Wars fan makes ultimate marriage proposal

IS THIS the greatest proposal of all-time? Ian Coulson, from Brighton, enlisted the help of his friends – and his soon to be father-in-law – to propose to his girlfriend Lizzy by acting out iconic scenes from some of their favourite films, including Lords of the Rings and Star Wars. The heartwarming video sees Ian have a light saber battle with Darth Vader, slap Gollum and out run a Black Rider from Lord of the Rings on horseback – and ends with him popping the big question to Lizzy. Ian shot the initial footage in November last year and then screened it for Lizzy on January 6, 2016, recording her reaction live. Stars Wars has always been a big part of the couple’s relationship, as Ian revealed that on their first date they watched episodes one to six of the sci-fi saga. Videographer / Director: Ian Coulson Producer: Ian Coulson Editor: Ian Coulson DP: Zach Lower VFX: Ben Wildi Aerial Footage: Aerial Insight Cam Ops: Jon Nash and Jamie O Mara

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