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افتراضي Live: Azadi, Inqilab marchers proceed towards Red Zone

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) leader Tahirul Qadri reach in front of the Parliament House along with their supporters as they had planned.

Live Updates August 20

04:22: Dawn of new Pakistan about to break, Imran.

04:20: Imran says: “Nawaz Sharif! this is last over, you can**t win the match.”

04:15: Khan congratulates participants for reaching D-Chowk

04:10: Imran addresses participants of Azadi march at D-Chowk

03:00: Imran Khan’s convoy reaches before Parliament House

02:45: Qadri asks workers **t to leave till national government is formed.

02:35: I wanted to tell Inquilab Marchers that they have reached their destination: Qadri

02:30: Qadri says political differences should be resolved through political means.

02:25: The present government is unconstitutional, we want to establish the national government for democratic reforms: Qadri

02:20: Qadri alleges Shahbaz Sharif directly ordered to open fire on PAT workers.

02:15: Tahirul Qadri arrives in front of the Parliament House.

02:00: Qadri says PAT will have the session of Awami Parliament (People's Parliament) in front of the Parliament House on Wednesday.

01:00: Britain has urged the two sides to find a democratic solution to the crisis.

"We strongly support a democratic Pakistan and the use of democratic institutions to resolve political disputes," British foreign minister Philip Hammond said in a statement

00:34: DG ISPR tweets buildings in Red Zone are symbol of state and being protected by the army

00:20: PTI Chairman Imran Khan says they will wait for PM Nawaz’s resignation till Wednesday evening and if he fails to resign they will enter the PM House. "Neither the police **r army can stop us."

00:04: US says issues in Pakistan should be resolved through dialogue in a way which strengthens democracy

00:00: All entry points to Islamabad sealed

End of Live Updates August 19

23:50: Azadi March and Inqilab March reaches Constitution Avenue

22:37: PAT workers enter Red Zone from Nadra Chowk while PTI workers enter from Parliament Lodges.

22:30: PPP leader Nadeem Afzal says government had given ** mandate for talks with PTI, PAT

23:18: Clash reported at Serena Chowk. One policeman has been injured

23:04: Crane being used by PTI workers to remove containers on Aabpara Chowk blocking the road leading to Red Zone.

23:00 Imran Khan’s caravan reaches Aabpara Chowk

23:00: Maryam Nawaz tweets that PM has ordered police **t to use any force

22:51: JI chief Siraj-ul-Haq tells Geo News a middle ground has to be reached. Haq says great damage will be caused if there is a confrontation.

22:30: Information Minister Rashid tells Geo News PTI and PAT did **t fulfil any promise. Rashid says the government will demonstrate patience and **t use force. “They do **t want to negotiate and have their own plans. We have taken measures so they are **t successful.”

Rashid adds the government is still willing to hold dialogue with PTI, PAT. “Our focus is protection of lives **t politics; we will **t take any step which will damage Pakistan.”

22:26: PTI, PAT workers reach Serena Chowk where a large contingent of police is deployed.

22:05: PIMS and Polyclinic hospitals on red alert.

22:00 Army deployed at Prime Minister’s Secretariat

21:55: PTI, PAT workers facing ** resistance in moving towards Red Zone.

21:45: PTI Azadi March Proceeds Towards Red Zone

21:40: Religious Ulema have appealed the marchers to resolve political differences through dialogue. Staging protests is a democratic right but suspending life and depriving people of earning livelihood is unacceptable. Ulema further say there should be a limit to the marches and sit-ins.

21:23: PM Nawaz Sharif chairing high-level meeting with cabinet members and senior PML-N leadership. Meeting is discussing the Azadi March and Inqilab March situation.

21:17: PTI chairman Imran Khan says police should welcome them as they are coming for bring them freedom. "** one should come in front of us."

21:14: Marchers start removing containers placed as barriers in the way towards Red Zone.

21:05: Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri depart for Red Zone

21:00: Police laced with rubber bullets and tear gas, remain stand by along the Red Zone.

20:58: Imran Khan should **t take revenge of long march failure from Pakistan, says Shahbaz Sharif. The Punjab chief minister adds that the Azadi March will **t be allowed to be turned into ‘destruction march.’

Shahbaz further says attempts are being made to use women and children as human shields to play with Pakistan’s future.

20:49: PPP Patron-in-Chief tweets Imran Khan is carrying out a political suicide attack on democracy

20:49: Azadi and Inqilab March participants combine near Aabpara

20:45: Jinnah Super and supermarkets begin to shut down

20:00: Imran Khan an**unced that PTI will hold a sit-in outside parliament house.
Read more here

19:07: Following Interior Minister Nisar’s an**uncement, army has been deployed in Islamabad’s Red Zone.

18:45: PAT chief Dr. Tahirul Qadri an**unces to move sit-in towards
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