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افتراضي Appendectomy video and Laparoscopic Appendectomy

Appendectomy video and Laparoscopic Appendectomy
فيديو عملية إستئصال الزائدة الدودية - وعملية إسئصال الزائدة الدودية بالمنظار
Appendectomy video and Laparoscopic Appendectomy

An appendectomy (sometimes called appendisectomy or appendicectomy) is the surgical removal of the vermiform appendix. This procedure is **rmally performed as an emergency procedure, when the patient is suffering from acute appendicitis. In the absence of surgical facilities, intrave**us antibiotics are used to delay or avoid the onset of sepsis; it is **w recognized that many cases will resolve when treated perioperatively. In some cases the appendicitis resolves completely;

عملية استئصال الزائدة الدودية / هي عملية الاستئصال الجراحي للزائدة الدودية. عادة يتم تنفيذ هذه العملية كإجراء . أو كإجراء طارئ عندما يكون المريض يعاني من التهاب الزائدة الدودية الحاد. في غياب االتسهيلات المرافقة للعملية الجراحية، يتم استخدام المضادات الحيوية عن طريق الوريد لتأخير أو تجنب ظهور التعفن sepsis ؛ ومن المسلم به الآن أن كثير من الحالات تًشفى إذا ما تلقت العناية قبل وبعد وأثناء العملية .و في بعض الحالات يتم الشفاء التام ؛

more often, an inflammatory mass forms around the appendix, causing transruptural flotation. This is a relative contraindication to surgery.
Appendectomy may be performed laparoscopically (this is called minimally invasive surgery) or as an open operation. Laparoscopy is often used if the diag**sis is in doubt, or if it is desirable to hide the scars in the umbilicus
or in the pubic hair line. Recovery may be a little quicker with laparoscopic surgery; the procedure is more expensive and resource-intensive than open surgery and generally takes a little longer, with the (low in most patients) additional risks associated with pneumoperitoneum (inflating the abdomen with gas). Advanced pelvic sepsis occasionally requires a lower midline laparotomy.
There have been some cases of auto-appendectomies, i.e. operating on yourself. One was performed by Dr Kane in 1921, but the operation was completed by his assistants. A**ther case is Leonid Rogozov who had to perform the operation on himself as he was the only surgeon on a remote Arctic bas

Laparoscopic Appendectomy
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