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Gabriela slams Sara Duterte: ‘You have failed to rise to the occasion’

07-01-2018, 05:53 PM
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Gabriela slams Sara Duterte: ‘You have failed to rise to the occasion’

Gabriela slams Sara Duterte: ‘YouFor defending her father's misogyny instead of enlightening him, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has failed, Gabriela said. In a statement on Thursday, the progressive women's group slammed President Rodrigo Duterte's daughter for saying that #BabaeAko, the social media campaign calling out Duterte's supposedly anti-women behavior, is doomed to fail. "Were you looking at the mirror when you said that #BabaeAko was doomed?" the group told Sara in a statement. "It is unfortunate that, as the touted strong woman in your family, you have failed to rise to the occasion, defending your father’s misogyny and imperiousness instead of illuminating him on his responsibilities as a state leader," it added. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Sara said her father had nothing against women, pointing as proof that she was his favorite child over her two brothers. “This is the first time I will say it out loud and I hate to admit it because I love my two brothers too much but yes I am the favorite child, so that #babaeako campaign is doomed,” Sara said. “What he doesn’t like lies not in the gender, but in the character, he has no respect for weakness. And many women and some men are known to be damsels in distress, that #babaeako included,” she added. But Gabriela pointed out that defending Duterte's remarks as "freedom of speech" instead of recognizing that they trample upon the beliefs of other people only shows Sara's "dictatorial orientation." "You assert freedom for your kin as if you and you father were not pounding an iron fist against people who are merely fighting for their basic rights and freedoms," the group said. Duterte has drawn criticism for his previous remarks against women, including ordering troops to shoot female rebels in the vagina, joking about the gang rape of a murdered missionary, telling soldiers in martial-law Mindanao that he would cover up for them if they raped women, and saying that the next Chief Justice should "of course" not be a woman. — BM, GMA News


Gabriela slams Sara Duterte: ‘You have failed to rise the occasion’

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