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قديم 05-15-2014, 07:41 PM
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افتراضي Comment on ضيف حمزة ضيف: المفكر المغربي عبد الإله بلقزيز على قناة ?الميادين? يجسّ نبض

Comment on ضيف حمزة ضيف: المفكر المغربي عبد الإله بلقزيز على قناة ?الميادين? يجسّ نبض الفشل العربي.. وبرنامج ?خطوة? على قناة ?أبوظبي? يوقد شمعة في الهزيع الأخير من ليل عربي طويل.. بين حيويّة النقد وسجال الأمل: كلمة by mahdi alkordi
There is a famous Arabic saying that goes like this if the cause is found,then the mystry is over.I can**t believe we are still dissecting the reasons behind our lagging behind advanced nations. First it was the Atoaman era that prevented us from advancing, then it is the colonial era that did this to us and **w it is our leaders and governments that is responsible for all our demise. Why can we **t admit that we are simply a failed nation .If we admit this, then we are halfway toward the solution. I’m approaching my 56th birthday and I can remember the news about the fighting in Yemen when Naser was in power,befor that it was the bloody coup in Iraq ,after that came the bloody civil war in Jordan ,after that came the most horrific civil wars in modern Arab time in Lebo**n,after that came the genius Sadam Husain with his twentieth century Qadisiyah that snuffed over a million and half Muslims, after that came the bloody civil war in Algeria that also killed a bout 150000 Muslims and **w we have the grand finale in Iraq and Syria. We are a bloody barbaric nation that needs to reexamine itself. We need to learn simply what did the advanced nations did and do in order to reach the status of what they are **w and it is **t a mystery or a miracle that is needed, all we need is simply 12 years of teaching one generation from the age of 6 till the age of 18 and let this generation lead the next and believe me that will get us where we want to be and fast.
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