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افتراضي تقرير عن العادات وتقاليد في الهند

تقرير عن العادات وتقاليد في الهند
Customs and traditions in India


India is located in the south-eastern part of the continent of Asia, a society has special features of the customs and traditions, and contain various manifestations of contradictions in all things. Combines the intensity of the richness and intensity of poverty and is its impressive level of luxury and architectural masterpieces as well as slums, but who does **t have slums find their land many alien beliefs which they believe even **w in the age of the atom and tech**logy. Therefore tiger in the land of India to identify the contents of this community is an oddity in the beliefs, customs and traditions and common phe**mena.

Belief in India

There are many religions false in India, but most **tably the "Hindu" and belief is that there is a trinity divinely includes: "Brahma," "Vhenw", "Shiva", is one God with three names to call it by doing in the universe, it is "Brahma" while be creator creator, a "Vhenw" When protector, a "Shiva" when devastating, which is depicted on the man who has supported many suggest these hands to work in the universe and its ability and the extension of this capability, and "Vhenw" includes figures mankind enters the people to protect them from evil, and these characters, "Rama", "Krcha", was painted around epics **odles in Hindu temples enters poor banging bells at entry and exit and يبتهلون and praying and wiping their foreheads in the ground, which temples "to Rama" and "Krcha." And statues of gods made of colored plaster, and around the candles and incense, and do a lot around the monkeys eat familiar foods provided by the visitors.

There inside the temples also beef, Atabdonh and source of blessing him and give visitors the cups filled with milk mixed urine cow to drink, but temples rich are luxurious, clean and statues of ivory decorated with gold, and cows in the streets wander and fun eating of vegetables this fruit and that vendors and hawkers without abusing them a , and may cause obstruction in the movement of cars, but we must wait for the car to pass the cow, and can shock the car a poor man, but may **t be shocking a cow, and there are about "200" million cows walking in the streets of India, one of the females may **t use them something; because it is sacred, as well as mice, but caused tragedies of the poor crops, although young children mauled and died.

Sikhs: of other religions prominent in India, and "Sikhs" are characterized by rich, Vmabidhm clean and rich décor, and each member of the Sikh ends named as "Singh", and collecting gold above the domes of temples, mostly painted by more than 60 kg, and Sikhs do **t shave any hair on their bodies and their heads. They differ from the Hindus of being collaborators, and their associations to help them to work and earn a living and k**w-commerce companies and use the Hindus in their service.

Divided society in India to layers which split sharply it facing the rising level of physical richest countries in the world, and does **t find a living, and believes Hindu that gods divided society into classes, the former Supreme is "Brahman" created god "Brahma" from the head, which includes teachers The priests, rulers, second layer "Akoshahari" created from the chest which includes veterans, and big businessmen, and the third "Vithia" created from his stomach comprising farmers, self-employed, and the last layer "minimum Hodr" and created the god of the soles of his a layer pariah beyond the mercy of God Aazbha God to commit sins in an earlier generation, and ** hope to rise to a**ther layer only through reincarnation trip stretching across generations.

They live in train stations that do **t reach on time, Some beggars untouchables naked chasing people passing Istatvon faces tired withered by drilling poverty by Okhaoad and wrinkles and distortions, as well as Almjzmon, and ** one cares Ptoeithm to realities to remove the idea entrenched them that the gods do **t accept that change lives .

The Sikhs are characterized by high physical level and work actions that bring money and help those who do **t find jobs.

Women's clothing:

In apparel deals in the world is the Indian woman's dress, and called. "Force", which is a piece of cloth 16 meters in length wraps the body in a certain way, which reveals a large part of the body, in addition to the applicable woman wears a short blouse and tight skirt with rubber. In winter, make women above the applicable wool blanket wrapped about the neck to cover a large part of the body.


**t eat without blessed gods, where carries food to the altar in the house and a statue represents the god family about candles burning incense burning to perfume the air, and the role of these gods is to protect the home throughout the day, and may need to rest Vingulwnh for a**ther place to sleep, after which to submit food for the god out of the individual and come back after ten minutes and carries dining room table, Valalhh may باركته and ate it bites.

Marriage and dowry

Sikh marriage process when based on the understanding of my family young man and woman, young and rarely goes out to this rule and only subjected to the wrath of the gods, and the elderly cling more to those traditions, but there is ** importance of class differences.

The marriage in Hindu: there laws can **t be derogated prevent overlapping layers identified by the gods, has married a man of class graduate girl from a layer less, but **t the opposite happens law allows the upper classes to do what they want, but the lower classes restricted, and usually spreads sermon boy to a girl since childhood or birth.

Wedding party:

Hindu wedding at large, where the marquee broadcast held the Indian registered songs for singers, and Madawat relatives and acquaintances wear bracelets and necklaces and Atabguen their hands with henna allocated to it, and wear sari Hariri. The bride to be processed inside her mother and sisters before the arrival of the groom, after bathing coated hands and feet with henna, and begins her mother put makeup and classify it in force, and then put the earrings in the ear, **se and anklets in the legs.

While offering the groom on a horse decorated with a turban, especially in the forefront of feathers peacock and emerald and hold around his neck, in front of a small child as a symbol of the continuation of the offspring, In the introduction to the procession Orchestra, and before the horse groom ring dance with some of his relatives and his companions even approaching groom slowly pavilion, will descend on a table dedicated to him, Vtda mother of the bride henna on his forehead, and then comes the rest of the women as well and give him the bride "coconut" as a sign of virginity of the bride, as well as package money and other gifts small, approaching bride caring head evidence obedience, then give him a wreath of flowers, It offers her a crown last, and are linked by force Turban groom and spins a successor around a fire in the center of the terrace, and there is a priest mumbled and reads and sprinkle holy water on them, and after eating foods prepared for the guests are drinking coffee while watching comedy show between two men vying to dance Interestingly, then go groom Baruste in the next day, along with one of the brothers of the bride;, where he lives with them two days and then followed by the other brother approximation of the two families.

Held ca**pies huge at the expense of the bride's father, who paid for all expenses wedding and brushing home without forcing the groom to pay anything, as well as the bride's father is the one who offers pony and groom only receives the bride and her all supplies home which is heavier on the shoulders of his own more than a girl.

"Alduchar": of the celebrations held by the Indians, where they gather around the huge statue of a base of cardboard containing inside fireworks, which is a huge man, "Rowan," said that he was an unjust king defeated him god "Rama" in this day of the millennia , and "Alduchar" is the name of that day, and tells the legend of the "Rowan" kidnapping "Stia", and wanted to force it to marry him, but "Rama" defeated him with the help of thousands of monkeys.

On that day, burn Hindus three statues: one for the king, "Rowan" and statues of two brothers who helped him, and after burning begins launch stock firearms colorful, and continue the celebration with music, trumpets and drums, and then people gather and walk in procession music, and a statue of the god "Rama" rises above the heads .

Serpents: phe**mena alien horrors in India is spread snakes frequently; where in India 3120 species, most insidious of these species are found in the land of "Taka", if endowed the wind out of hand "Taka" killed snakes from going through; so abandoned her family for days k**wn if the wind blew, and then return later.

Suicide by drowning: the phe**me**n is in India to commit suicide; Indian presents to drown himself in the creek if apprehensive rented drowns them, if started in Ngraiqa afraid again does **t relieve him but remains drowns them to death.

Cremation: when someone dies is placed amid the wood and campfire, Fathtriq the body and this is ho**ring the dead have, and to prove the loyalty of his wife (widow) are burned him.

This was a tour of the country where India recognize the most important features of this society, and it is an oddity.

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