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Breitbart Sports Interview: Former NFL Cheerleader Thrives on Small Screen, Helps Tro

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قديم 12-23-2013, 09:46 AM
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افتراضي Breitbart Sports Interview: Former NFL Cheerleader Thrives on Small Screen, Helps Tro

Breitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader

A recent Gallup study found only 30% of employees are engaged and inspired at work. More than half of workers surveyed said they are **t particularly excited about their job. That group definitely does **t include Danielle Demski. This multi-talented, versatile woman wears many hats and enjoys every moment along the way.
Demski's resume is long and impressive. Right **w you can catch her weekdays as the hostess on the iconic game show Let's Make A Deal. She also appears on The Price Is Right from time to time. She does a lot and she does it well, and she attributes much of her drive and ambition to her background in sports.

"My dad was a football player and wrestler," Demski said. "Having an athletic dad coaching my softball team got me started. I parlayed that into softball and volleyball through high school."

Her dad Dave Demski played in the CFL and even made it to camp with the Baltimore Colts. His love of football and Sports was passed on to his daughter.

While attending Arizona State University, Demski concentrated on her communications studies but she wanted to be a part of the game of football as well. Instead of trying out for the Sun Devils, Demski jumped right to the pros.

Demski bested hundreds of hopefuls to land a spot with the Arizona Cardinals dance team. "I'm a bigger NFL fan anyway," Demski told Breitbart Sports. "Being on the sidelines and having the best seats in the house was really neat."

Those who think cheerleaders and dancers are just about the glitz and glamour would be wrong. NFL cheerleaders are a committed bunch, with plenty of skill. "In the NFL, it's more of a dance team, and since I've been dancing since I was five and having competed nationally and internationally, it was the right fit," said Demski.

As far as the naysayers? "It's definitely **t an easy thing to do," Demski said. "It takes a lot of athleticism and coordination. I played Sports and I consider dance or cheerleading a sport as well. It can definitely be a tough thing to do well."

For four years Demski did her job rooting for the Cards. Along the way she also got to serve as inspiration for our true heroes.

"I had the privilege to travel with the USO with a group of Cardinals dancers," Demski said. She visited Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia, and Kosovo. "It was truly amazing," Demski beamed. "I went to places I would have never seen otherwise. We got to k**w the soldiers and have breakfast with them. We spoke with them face to face and heard their powerful stories."

During Demski's several tours she made connections with our service members. "I would cry with soldiers at times hearing stories of being away from families, spouses, and young children, she said. "The stories behind our soldiers are amazing."

This isn't the only time Demski has given back. Before her stint as a Cardinals cheerleader, she held a**ther title. While most eventual winners wind up taking several *****s at it, Demski captured the title of Miss Arizona USA in her first stab. "I kind of just got lucky and won on my first try," she said. As Miss Arizona USA, Demski went on to compete in the Miss USA pageant and advanced as one of the top 15 finalists.

"It was a great jumping off platform for me," Demski said. "I was able to meet so many people, from Donald Trump to several producers. It was incredible and really fun."

Along the way she also left her mark on the lives of children. "Throughout my time as Miss Arizona, I traveled all over to promote literacy, Demski said. "I was able to use my background in broadcast journalism to produce, write, direct, and host a video that got implemented into school systems throughout Arizona. It feels good to k**w kids are benefiting."

The educational video "A Journey Of Gifts" is the signature video of the Arizona Literacy and Learning Center.

**w, Demski stays busy as the hostess with the mostess on Let's Make A Deal, filming two shows a day and eight per week during the season. "It's such a fun show, its hard to complain about anything," Demski said.

Along with her game show gig, Demski reports for KDOC in Los Angeles, covering entertainment news.
Plus, she's working on other projects. She'll be hosting a red carpet show at the upcoming SAG Awards.

Demski's accomplishments also include a stint as a reporter for the Phoenix Suns, and recently she appeared on the soap opera Bold & The Beautiful. She also serves as a correspondent for AXS TV.

"I don't have your average 9-5 job," Demski told Breitbart Sports. "My parents always told me to find something you love to do that you can also make a living doing."

Mission accomplished. Demski is thriving in everything she puts her mind to, using that focus she learned from her dad at an early age on the ball field. A focus she honed in the NFL.

"Mom and dad have come to tapings and they love it," Demski said. That may be the biggest reward of all.

Breitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader
Breitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader Breitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader Breitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader Breitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader Breitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader

Breitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader
Breitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader
Breitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader

Breitbart Sports Interview: Former CheerleaderBreitbart Sports Interview: Former CheerleaderBreitbart Sports Interview: Former Cheerleader


Breitbart Sports Interview: Former NFL Cheerleader Thrives on Small Screen< Helps Tro

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