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قديم 12-23-2013, 04:38 AM
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افتراضي The Market Ticker - *****er Barrel Figures It Out

That didn't take long.
“We were flat out wrong."

That’s the message *****er Barrel is sending to enraged customers after the restaurant chain ******* Duck Dynasty items from its stores over fears it might offend people.

“Our intent was to avoid offending but that’s just what we’ve done,” *****er Barrel said in a statement posted on its Facebook page. “You told us we made a mistake. And, you weren’t shy about it. You wrote, you called and you took to social media to express your thoughts and feelings.”

Yeah, you were flat-out wrong.

You pimped yourselves to a pressure group that lied about what Phil had said and intentionally pissed off a huge percentage of the people who live where you have your stores.
Among those who took offense was former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

“I have ** respect for a company that bows to the slightest pressure from the politically correct,” Huckabee wrote on Facebook.

Neither do I.


Who made the decision?

What was their job position?

**te the tense of that second question.

And more to the point, given that you can choose Chick-Fil-A, a company that has been similarly challenged on their beliefs and has refused to knuckle under, perhaps you can explain why those of us who aren't fundamentalist Christians (myself included), **t to mention those of us who are, should choose to stop in your restaurants when we're traveling (which is when I most-often am inclined to do so, and have) rather than make a different choice.

And **, "we're sorry" isn't e**ugh when you're **t sorry because you made a bad call -- you're sorry because you got blasted by a whole bunch of customers who were promising to be ex-customers if you didn't change your mind.

We can start with concise, **-weasel-word answers to the above two questions; they would go a long way toward those of us who are tired of the pressure-group extortion game figuring out if you are really sorry and have really corrected what went wrong in your executive suite, or if you're just trying to have it both ways.

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