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افتراضي Attempted Character Assassination of Breitbart Protégé Brandon Darby

From Senior Management:

What the left fears it attacks most viciously: and what it fears most are apostates. Breitbart News contributor Brandon Darby, who the late Andrew Breitbart took in and mentored, is considered by the Left as such an apostate. Darby became an emerging voice of the center-right populist movement called the Tea Party after working undercover with the FBI to stop former comrades from killing Israel civilians and using firebombs to hurt law enforcement and stop Republicans from assembling at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Darby chose to testify in highly publicized federal trials against members of the far Left and they tried to destroy him for it — and they did so with the help of mainstream left-of-center media outlets. K**wing the damage Darby had caused them and the potential he held in exposing them further, he became one of the prime targets of an orchestrated smear campaign that includes the likes of The New York Times, NPR, PBS, and various documentary filmmakers. Darby rejected witness protection and decided to fight back against the smears of the mainstream media. Andrew Breitbart found him, took him in, and encouraged him to join the Breitbart team to fight back.

Darby and Lee Stranahan formed the "greek chorus" to Andrew Breitbart's narration of the film Occupy Unmasked. In Andrew's retelling of that movement everything they present is a false narrative--one that he had dedicated his life's work to expose. Brandon Darby continues that work, and in so doing must be destroyed. Below is a recently published left wing account that goes about the business of that destruction. The personal smears below come from an eco-terrorism advocate and animal rights terrorism apologist closely aligned with chief occupy-organizer Lisa Fithian. They have made it their mission to attack Darby, often contradicting themselves in their efforts. We publish it in its entirety for our readers to see the anatomy of such a smear after an interview of Andrew discussing the Left efforts to destroy Darby.
There is ** person I've met in recent years I value more as a friend & warrior than @BrandonDarby. He is a real leader & a great soul.

— AndrewBreitbart (@AndrewBreitbart) January 12, 2012

Witness to Betrayal: scott crow on the Exploits and Misadventures of FBI Informant Brandon Darby

Thursday, 19 December 2013 13:39 Kristian Williams

Brandon Darby has been **torious in anarchist circles for a decade — first as a wing-nut, a macho bully, and a womanizer; then as an informant and agent provocateur. He started out as a hippie, became a pseudo-militant leftist, and is **w a pundit on conservative blogs. He has been credited with helping to found Common Ground Relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and has been accused of nearly destroying the same organization to satisfy his own ego — or at the behest of the FBI. Following the 2008 Republican National Convention, he was the key witness in the prosecution of Brad Crowder and David McKay, young men charged with making firebombs. Their case revealed that Darby had been on the government’s payroll for years, and the two men point to his influence as the decisive factor leading them to consider arson.

scott crow is one of the few people who saw this entire ****** of transformations unfold up close. crow was a friend of Darby's, one of the founders of Common Ground, and initially one of Darby's most public defenders. He's **w one of his most vocal critics.

I met up with scott at the Anarchist Black Cross conference, held in an old Christian summer camp in rural Colorado. In our wide-ranging interview, he told me the story of his friendship with Darby, and its demise. He talked about Darby's entrance into activism, his long history of troublesome behavior, and the movement failures that granted him such prominence and allowed him to work so much havoc.

The story he tells is **t that of a hero turned traitor, but — more disconcerting, I think — that of a deeply damaged individual driven less by political principle than by para**id/romantic fantasies and a desire for personal glory.


Kristian Williams: I'm going to ask you about your experience with Brandon Darby. The more you can talk about things that you witnessed directly, and things that you k**w firsthand, the stronger it's going to be.

scott crow: Okay.

KW: How did you first meet? And what were your first impressions of him?

sc: I was introduced to Brandon in 2002, by a good friend of mine, Tracey Hayes, who I'd worked with on numerous political direct actions. She was dating him. He was an intense, late-twenty’s, good-looking guy; a weed-smoking, guitar-playing, sandal-wearing hippie hanging out in Zilker Park, in Austin. He wasn't that politicized yet, but kind of angry and intense under the surface.

KW: You and he got to k**w each other because you were friends with her?

sc: Yes. At the time she was a marijuana legalization advocate. They visited me to find out how they could do a climbing banner action without being arrested beforehand. He played this really quiet, very unassuming person at first, and then as you get to k**w him he reveals his para**ia more.

Then, as the political arc goes, the anti-war movement broke out with all these mass demonstrations in early 2003. In one demonstration, an anti-war rally in Austin, some friends of mine had organized a lockdown circle of about thirty people, in the middle of the street for probably about three hours. Just barricaded the whole thing, stopped it with thousands of people around.

We were there together, with Tracey, and my partner, Ann. Brandon **ticed that there were some possible undercover cops at this coffee shop he went in. He came back out declaring, 'I think these guys are cops.' I went in and confirmed it. They were typical type of narcotic undercovers, seven or eight, all beefy dudes with Lynyrd Skynyrd and tie-dyed t-shirts — so they thought they blended in with us. They’re all at a table together. I suggested, 'We should photograph them; then publish their photos online, so that everybody k**ws that these people are undercovers.'

The lockdown is breaking up and a march starts to the center of Austin. Brandon grabbed a little camera at the convenience store and started to take their pictures on the way. While he's doing this, he starts getting aggro with each of them, getting in their faces. You k**w, they're in different places. Each one of them told him, 'Stop fucking with me, or you're going to get in trouble.' That’s when one of them flashed a badge to confirm it was sheriff’s department. He kept on anyway. I stopped walking with him. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Just take the pics, publish the photos and be done with it! But he kept it up until the undercovers focused on him and more police were brought to our immediate area.

Finally, after five hours, I leave this demonstration. It went on for nine or ten hours; but I left. There was a**ther lockdown on a bridge near downtown. He wasn't on it, but was close by when he finally got swept up by the undercover cops.

This is where the story gets tricky, because I am **t present anymore, but he's calling me on the phone as they surround him. This starts a pattern for the next few years where he calls me regularly, all the time. He says ‘what should I do?’— in a panic. Eventually, they take him and they put him in a van, and they told him that they're going to fuckin' beat the shit out of him or something. This is what he says.

Of course he loses the camera and pictures.

KW: Does he tell you this on the phone at the time?

sc: Yes, while he was held in the back of the van. He’s saying, 'They just threatened me.' I was mad at him for dragging me into it.

He never got charged. This is where it gets gray. **body k**ws what happened. The legal team never went to go give him support or anything. Around the same time he was picked up, a bunch of people got arrested, about 9:30 or ten o'clock at night. The cops wanted to open this bridge up and started arresting people. He says he was arrested, but there is ** record of it.

At the time I said, 'Fuck this guy, he only cares about himself.' He’s a wingnut and he endangered people around him. He doesn't want to listen to anything and is dangerous in these situations.

KW: After that, did he try to get more involved politically?

sc: A couple of weeks later, some of the same activists who did the lockdown wanted to build tripods to block an Exxon gas station and roadway. I consulted with them to construct the tripods and figure out how to strategically do all these things. They lead the action; I just consulted with them.

Brandon kept wanting to be in the action. He called repeatedly, but I kept putting him off. After what happened before, there was ** way. He badgered me. You have to understand, this guy would **t just take **! He would relentlessly call or come by my house the whole time I knew him.

So I finally gave in and said, 'Look. You can have this low-level role where all

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