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قديم 12-21-2013, 12:53 AM
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افتراضي Scott Rasmussen Slams WaPo for Calling Congressional Critics ‘Haters’

Scott Rasmussen, the prolific pollster, criticized the Washington Post's characterization of Americans unhappy with both Republican and Democrat performances in government as “haters.” Rasmussen said, “Tens of millions of Americans disapprove of the way both Republicans and Democrats in Congress are doing their jobs. According to the hometown paper for America's political class, this makes them 'Haters.'"

In a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post, there are three teams in America: the Democrat team, the Republican team, and the Haters Team. Rasmussen says that “This wasn't just a casual reference by a lazy journalist. **t only did the paper of the political elite produce tables and graphics with the 'Haters' label; they wrote an entire article about how 'Haters Gonna Hate.'" Rasmussen added, “It truly boggles my mind to think that this is the label it intentionally and thoughtfully chose.”

Rasmussen thinks there are much better labels for those who don’t feel an affinity for either of the first two teams, such as “the adults needed to supervise the behavior of Congress.” Rasmussen believes that many in Congress entered politics with good intentions but that they find themselves in a “corrupt and dysfunctional institution.” Rasmussen thinks that ** matter what you call those that don’t approve of Republicans or Democrats, you need only to recognize the ineptitude of politicians of both parties to distance oneself from supporting them.

In Rasmussen's view, Congress can’t produce a budget, can’t produce a workable health care law, both parties prop up crony capitalism, and Republicans and Democrats alike supported the NSA's domestic spying. But what disturbs Rasmussen more than Congress’ poor performance is that the Washington Post stigmatizes those who disagree with their elitist political class world view as “haters.” The Post is wrong, according to Rasmussen. “We don't need to hate anybody to recognize that Congress is doing a lousy job,” he remarks. “Those of us who disapprove of both parties in Congress are simply waiting for Congress to do something worthy of our approval.”

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