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افتراضي Understanding How Your Immune System Works (A Cartoon Story - فيديو)

Understanding How Your Immune System Works (A Cartoon Story - فيديو)

Ever wonder how Your Immune System Works and how to improve its functioning? Here is a basic outline told in Cartoon superhero style.
The Immune centers of Your body are located in the tonsils, thymus, spleen, and bone marrow.
Understanding Your Immune System Works
  • The Tonsils are thought to be the first line of defense against ingested or inhaled diseases, however, their full role in the Immune System is yet to be understood.2,3
  • The Thymus is involved with the proper functioning of certain Immune cells called T-lymphocytes or (T Cells).
  • The Spleen filters the blood for diseases, foreign materials, also called "antigens".4
  • The Bone Marrow is responsible for producing leukocytes, cells which are responsible for capturing cellular debris, foreign particles, and invading microorganisms.
From these centers Your Immune cells circulate around Your body, looking for the "bad guys", foreign bodies, or antigens which can appear in the form of viruses, bacteria, and even pollen.
Understanding Your Immune System Works

When a disease is found by Your Immune cells their response depends both on the disease and on the particular Immune cell.
Understanding Your Immune System Works

Phagocytes (a type of white blood cell) actually engulf, absorb, or eat pathogens. Phagocytes also consume "dead cells" in our body, and play an important roll in allowing wounds to heal.
Understanding Your Immune System Works

Lymphocytes attack antigens by creating antibodies, or toxic granules.
Understanding Your Immune System Works

Lymphocytes also destroy cells which have been infected by a virus, and tag antigens to be attacked later.
Understanding Your Immune System Works

After defeating a particular disease lymphocytes will keep a profile and remember the disease throughout Your life. Should it appear again, they will quickly eliminate it.
Understanding Your Immune System Works

This memory effect of Immune cells led to the idea of a vaccine: weakened antigens which could be injected into Your body.
Understanding Your Immune System Works

Your Immune System can then "practice" on this weakened form of a disease.
Understanding Your Immune System Works

The next time a disease enters Your body, Your Immune System draws upon its memory to quickly defeat it.
Understanding Your Immune System Works
Common vaccines include the measles, mumps, chicken pox, and, Tetanus.

What foods boost my Immune system?

  • Vitamin A plays a key role in production of white blood cells, vital for fighting off infection. Vitamin A Foods include carrots, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes.
  • Vitamin C can help boost the Immune system, particularly in endurance atheletes and those undergoing physical stress. Vitamin C Foods include chilies, guavas, bell peppers, broccoli, papayas, and strawberries.
  • Zinc, among other Immune functions, is necessary for the creation and activation of lymphocytes. Zinc has also been shown to help alleviate symptoms of the common cold, and may even accelerate the time to recovery. High Zinc Foods include Oysters, wheat germ, sesame seeds, pumpkin and squash seeds, peanuts, and dark chocolate.


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Understanding How Your Immune System Works (A Cartoon Story - td]d,)

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