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GEO-SURVEYINGab**rmal magnetic variations absolute altimeter absolute altitude absolute error absolute gravity bsolute gravity stationa absolute stereoscopic parallax accidental error accommodation accumulated accumulative error accuracy accuracy checking testing accuracy active satellite actual error adaptation adding tape adjoining sheets adjusted angle adjusted elevation adjustment onadjustment of observati administrative map aerial camera aerial film *** aerial photograph aerial photographic reconnaissance aerial survey team aerial triangulation rolevellingae aeronautical chart aeronautical pilotage chart aeronautical planning chart affine deformation affine transformation agonic line air coordinates Albumin process alidade alignment altimeter altitude ( ( altitude azimuth altitude datum altitude difference Amici prism analytical orientation analytical photogrammetry analytical radar prediction () analytical radial triangulation aneroid barometer angle angle method of adjustment angle of depression angle of deviation angle of elevation angle of fall angle of field angle of incidence angle of inclination angle of reflection angle of refraction angle of view angle of yaw angular altitude angular distance angular distortion angular equation angular magnification angular momentum annex point annual aberration annual inequality a**malistic month a**malistic tide cycle a**malistic year antarctic circle aphylactic map projection apparent **on apparent position apparent solar day apparent solar time approach chart approximate contour arc correction arc measurement arc of parallel arctic circle area analysis intelligence area feature area survey area triangulation artificial monument Arundel method aspect assumed ground elevation assumed latitude assumed longitude assumed plane coordinates geodetic datum orientation -astro geodetic deflection -astro geodetic levelling -astro astrocompass astrograph astrograph meantime astrolabe astrometry astro**mical astro**mical arc astro**mical azimuth omical timeastron astro**mical traverse astro**mical triangle atmosphere automatic rectifier auxiliary auxiliary guide meridian auxiliary station average deviation average error axis axis of lens axis of level axis of perspective axis of tilt azimuth azimuth angle hartazimuth c azimuth instrument azimuth map projection back azimuth back bearing back focal length back sight backup Barlow levelling rod barometer barometric altimeter barometric elevation barometric levelling basal coplaner basal orientation de ratioaltitu -base base apparatus base colour base construction line base map base net base sheet base station base tape line extension -base line terminal stations -base basement basic control basic cover bathymetric chart battle map beacon tracking ** beam of light bearing bearing angle bearing circle bearing of line bench mark (ellipsoid)Bessel spheroid ( (Billby steel tower bi**cular bi**cular vision block adjustment blowup border break boundary line boundary map boundary survey bridging British grid reference system carrying contour Cartesian coordinates cartographic an**tation cartographic feature cartographic file cartographic scanner cartography carve Cassini map projection cast celestial coordinates celestial equator escelestial equator system of coordinat celestial geodesy celestial sphere ( c g s )second -gram -Centimeter central meridian centre line centre of gravity centre of instrument centre of mass centre of oscillation chart charted depth check point checked spot elevation chro**graph chro**meter error chro**meter circle of confusion circle of latitude circle of longitude circumferent city maps city survey cli**meter clock correction ntour mapco contour sketching contour value control charts control point control survey controlled map converge convergence of meridians conversion conversion scale coordinate axes coordinate conversion coordinate transformation coordinates coordination copy eracopying cam corrected correction correction for inclination of the horizontal axiscorrespondence stereoscopy corresponding corresponding image points corresponding image rays course coverage critical angle cross hairs cross section culmination current chart current meter re correctioncurvatu curvature of earth curve curve of alignment cycle cylindrical coordinates spaced projection -cylindrical equal map projection cylindrical acquisition station -data data element data file data reduction database datum datum level datum point transformation datum declination declination difference decli**meter ( (definition deflection angle deflection a**maly deflection of the vertical degree of curvature densitometer density departure dependent resurvey depressed pole depression contour depth depth curve h numberdept depth of field depth of focus descending **de description detailing detection deviation diagonal check difference of longitude erential levellingdiff differential shrinkage differential temperature diffused reflection digital map dimensional stability diopter dip ledip ang dip circle direct levelling direct measurement direction direction angle (theodolite)direction instrument direction of relative movement direction of tilt discrepancy dispersion displacement display distance angle distance distortion disturbing potential diurnal inequality urnal motiondi diurnal variation divergence domestic map double zenith distance drainage drainage pattern drift drift station dry dock mmydu duplicate level line dynamic correction dynamic height dynamic map dynamic number dynamic temperature correction dyne fixed coordinate system -earth earth centre earth satellite eastings eccentric signal eccentric station eccentricity of circle eccentricity eccentricity of instrument echo timing eclipse ecliptic ecliptic parallel ecliptic pole editing effective area effective radius of the earth electronic control electronic refraction electronic telemeter electrotape elevation elevation meter ellipsoid of rotation ellipsoidal height elongation emulsion ( *** (engineering map engineering survey s level'engineer enlargement ephemeris ( ( ephemeris time areas map projection -equal equation of time equator equatorial axis equatorial chart equatorial diameter equatorial gravity value equiangular equilibrium equilibrium theory equipotential surface equivalent scale erect image erratic error error error of closure etch exchange agreement existent agreement existent corner existing data exploratory survey exposure posure timeex extension extension of control exterior orientation external distance extrapolation eyepiece face falling false bearing false **rthings edged -feather felt side fence fibre optics fictitious fictitious equator fictitious graticule fictitious meridian efictitious pol field calibration field classification field comparator field completion field elevation field position figure adjustment icrometerfilar m film ***film base ***firing chart order triangulation -first order work-first fixed elevation fixing flat flight altitude flight line flight map floating fluxmeter focal length focal plane foresight forestry map frilling front focal distance front surface mirror gap gazetteer index purpose map -general general chart general map generalization geocentric coordinates geocentric geodetic coordinates geodesy geodetic astro**my geodetic azimuth mark geodetic control geodetic coordinates geodetic equator geodetic levelling geodetic position geodetic survey geographic geographic area classification system eographic coordinatesg geographic position geographic survey geoid contour geological map geometrical dip geophysics g**mic map projection iometergon grade graduation error graphical radial triangulation graphical rectification gravimeter gravity gravity field of the earth great circle Greenwich apparent time Greenwich mean time Greenwich meridian Greenwich sidereal time grid grid bearing grid coordinates grid declination grid **rth gross error ground control ground nadir ground resolution ground station guide gyrocompass theodolite -gyro hachure halftone hand level harbour chart haze height height of instrument hemispherical map high water high water mark highest elevation horizon horizontal angle horizontal axis horizontal circle horizontal control horizontal plane horizontal refraction hydrographic chart hydrographic survey hydrography hydrology hydrosphere hygrometer hypsography hypsometer ideal sea level image image direction image distortion impression inclination inclination of the horizonal axis incli**meter indirect levelling indirect measurement indirect observation inequality infinity infrared film *** insert instrument adjustment interior of a curve termediate contourin intermediate map scale international dateline international map of the world interpolate ( (intersection intersection station invar tape ( ( inventory survey isomagnetic chart isometric latitude isostasy laminate land boundary adjustment land line land survey landmark landscape map large scale map latitude latitude correction latitude difference latitude equation latitude factor latitude level least count left bank length correction length equation lens level correction levelling ng instrumentlevelli levelling rod line of constant scale link lithography lithosphere local chart local coordinate system local time location surveying longitude longitude factor longitude signal low water lunar chart lunar cycle lunar declination magnetic amplifier magnetic amplitude magnetic bearing magnetic daily variation magnetic declination magnetic direction magnetic field intensity agnetic lines of forcem magnetic **rth magnetic station magnetic survey magnetic variation magnetometer map adjustment map catalogue map index map ****** map sheet mark master print master projection master station mean position mean range level -mean river level -mean sea mean solar day mean solar time medium map scale mensuration meridian observation micrometer middle point mileage chart military geography military grid military grid reference system military level mi**r axis mismatch mission model modulation moment momentum mosaic natural detail natural error nautical mile negative new edition new print s laws'onNewt **mogram **rmal equation **rmal gravity level -**rmal water angle lens -**rmal gravity field -**rmal on linesecti -**rmal **rth **rthings oblique ascension oblique coordinates oblique equator oblique map projection oblique photograph ique poleobl observation equation observed altitude observed angle observed gravity observed value obsolete chart occultation ( ( occupy ocea**graphic survey ocea**graphy offset printing orthomorphic chart oscillation overcharging overlap (s)overlay ( (: chart oversize Palestine grid panchromatic ( (panel pa**ramic photograph parallax parallel pass point pendulum pendulum level perigee perilune perimeter period perpendicular personal error perspective centre perspective chart perspective grid spective map projectionper perspective plane phase photocontrol diagram photocontrol map index photogoniometer photogrammetric surveying photomap **pictomap pilotage chart pin pinhole plan plane survey planimetry planning map plate point of origin a**mal point polar axis polarization port side position positional accuracy positional error positive power of telescope precession precise level precision principal distance principal distance error print prism prismatic compass map production profile projector edition provisional provisional map quadrangle quadrant radar ( (radar chart ( (radar intelligence map ( (radiation range lsigna range reciprocal levelling reconnaissance map rectification refraction angle refraction line relative accuracy relative position relative tilt relief remote sensing reprint reproduction resection resection station resolution revision ridge line rise ingriver cross road map sailing chart satellite scale of map screen angle scriber sea level secondary control point secondary grid econdary stations section sensitivity sensitometer sensor ***tant sheet simultaneous level line situation map size sketch map correction slope scale map -small space photograph speed spiral stadia station pole stereographic chart strategic map supplementary station survey symbol tactical map tangent tape target target analysis temperature correction terrain terrain correction udyterrain st theodolite theoretical corner theoretical error tilt tilt circle tolerance topographical map topography topple topple axis tourist map triangulation station triangulation system true **rth underground mark upper branch upper motion vanishing line ishing pointvan variance velocity correction vernal equi**x vertical axis vertical coordinates vertical photograph vibration virtual gravity virtual image visual acuity wall map water level weather map weight axis -x direction -x displacement -x motion -x tilt -x axis -y scale -y tilt -y yaw axis -z motion -z zenith zenith distance zenith telescope zone time GEO-SURVEYING

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