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Laminitis Advice please

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قديم 07-20-2018, 12:21 AM
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افتراضي Laminitis Advice please

HelloMy 7yo lean Connie was diagnosed with inflamed Laminae after an x rayHe went unsound (didn't look hopping lame, and it didn't look anything like the typical Lami lameness) on 31 May - this was after a regular week of schooling / jumping / farm rides / lessons etc. It wasn't an obvious lameness, but something was just not right in his way of going and he was reluctant to go forward which is very unlike him. The day after I noticed, he had a slight welling behind knee on left fore. I treated it as thou it was a strain / suspensory and made appointment with vets for a full lameness diagnosis.At the vets the notes that the lameness was from the front feet, with the right foot being worse. He had blocks left then right, and when both feet blocked he was moving fine. The vey put the swelling behind knee down to strain due to foot pain. After 6 x x rays the only issue that could be found was some inflammation in the laminae...the vet put the inflammation to be around 4-6 weeks old, and this tied in with spring grass / fields being fertilised at my yard etc. both the vet and myself where shocked that it was lami as my horse is in no way overweight (he weighted in at 453kg at 15.1). The vet advised heartbars / keep off grass, soaked hay etc and start to work when I felt he was comfortable. He did not give any anti inflammatory as the lameness was mild and he didn't want me to mask any lameness issue. I had heartbars a week later, and he went to a rehab water treadmill for 2 weeks to keep his fitness up whilst he was out of work. this was all agreed with the vetwhen he came home he looked fab, lunged him and he looked sound. I had a lesson and my instructor was happy with how he was going, so started to bring him in work. At first he went ok, but within a week I felt him not moving correctly (no noticeable nod) , but I just wasn't happy with his way of going. I took him back to vet and the vet seems happy with his progress, he was sound on trot up on hard ground on the straight, but showed some lameness on the lung on right leg / right rein, but ok on the right rein. further x rays showed the left foot was healed, but there was still a gas lesion showing on the right foot, quite high up his hoof not far from coronary band. the vet advised that it would really take for this to grow down completely to completely heal, but as it moves down he foot I should see lots of mobility improvement. I can still ride and bring him into work --on soft ground, and take things easy. He had also lost 6kg and weighted in at 447kg. Vet said his weight is fine and not required to loose more. I am wondering if anyone else has gone through this. Other lami cases I have witnessed on my yard, horses tend to come sound quickly after change in regime. I have seen crippled horses back in work within a couple of weeks. whereas I feel my very mild case is taking an age to fix, and I am doing everything and more that the vet advises.

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