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قديم 12-18-2021, 11:23 AM
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افتراضي The first "worm" with a thousand legs was found in Australia

Scientists in Australia have found a creature that has the largest number of legs among the creatures, and they called it the "Millennial Worm" and it lives underground. </p> Scientists revealed that the millipede worm looks like a thread, is pale in color, has more than 1,300 men, and lives deep in the earth, according to the "German News Agency",</p> The creature with a thousand men, scientifically known as "Eomelips Persephone", was found at a depth of about 60 meters below the surface of the earth, during mineral exploration in Western Australia. </p> In a scientific article published in the Journal of Scientific Reports, the Australian scientists explained that the discovered creature is tiny, measuring 0.95 millimeters in width and 95.7 millimeters in length, and has 330 lobes and a conical head, with an antenna and beak for obtaining its food.</p> The object's body moves by pushing its many legs, which allows it to open cracks in the ground to move around as it pleases.</p> Read also: </p> In the video, a strange creature without eyes or mouth terrifies divers in the Red Sea </p> </p>

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