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افتراضي جدوى استخدام الهيدروجن كوقود

جدوى استخدام الهيدروجن كوقود
احيل حضارتكم الى هذا الرابط (Truth About Hydrogen Power - Hydrogen Energy and Fuel - Popular Mechanics لمعرفه جدوى استخدام الهيدروجين كوقود ومن عنده معلومات موثقه يضيف رده ليستفيد الجميع

Where Will the Hydrogen Come From?
President Bush's Hydrogen Fuel Initiative calls for replacing fossil fuels used in passenger cars by 2040. This would require 150 million tons of hydrogen anually. Here's what it would take to reach that goal with any one tech**logy.
NATURAL GAS NUCLEAR SOLAR WIND BIOMASS COAL Gas station-size facilities using steam reformation Very High Temperature Reactors providing heat for electrolysis or for thermochemical cycles Photovoltaic systems providing electricity for electrolysis with 10% efficiency Turbines producing electricity for electrolysis, assuming they operate at 30% capacity Gasification plants using steam reformation FutureGen plants using coal gasification then steam reformation Raw
Required 15.9 million
cu. ft. of natural gas — only a fraction of current U.S. annual consumption 240,000
tons of unenriched uranium, five times today's global production 2500
kilowatt-hours of sun per square meter per year, found in the Southwestern states of the Sun Belt 7
meters per second average wind speed, typically found in many parts of the country 1.5 billion
tons of dry biomass (initially byproducts such as peanut shells, then concentrated crops) 1 billion
tons of coal — which would require doubling current U.S. domestic production Infrastructure 777,000
facilities; though a more likely scenario would include a mix of larger central production plants 2000
600-megawatt next-generation nuclear power plants; only 103 nuclear power plants operate in the States today 113 million
40-kilowatt systems, covering 50% of more than 300 million acres — an area three size the size of Nevada 1 million
2-megawatt wind turbines, covering 5% of 120 million acres, or an area larger than California 3300
gasification plants, and up to 113.4 million acres — or 11% of U.S. farmland — dedicated to growing the biomass 1000
275-megawatt plants; only 12 sites were proposed for a DOE demonstration plant — **t all met the requirements Total Cost $1 trillion $840 billion $22 trillion $3 trillion $565 billion $500 billion Price Per GGE
(Gallon of Gas Equivalent) $3.00 $2.50 $9.50 $3.00 $1.90 $1 CO2 Emissions
measured in tons 300 million 0 0 0 600 million* 600 million** *Zero net emissions because crops pull CO2 from the air. **90% will be captured and stored underground. Time Frame There are four fueling stations that **w produce hydrogen from natural gas. The first Very High Temperature Reactor in the U.S. will be built at Idaho National Laboratory in 2021. Honda built an experimental solar-powered hydrogen refueling station at its lab in California in 2001. A 100-kilowatt turbine is **w being built at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado. Government funded bio-mass research will be transferred to private industry in 2015. By 2012, the first FutureGen demonstration plant should be running at 50% ca
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