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افتراضي تصميم تخيلي لأول هاتف بلاك بيري ١٠ بلوحة مفاتيح حقيقية

تصميم تخيلي لأول هاتف بلاك بيري ١٠ بلوحة مفاتيح حقيقية
Thanks for checking out the BlackBerry TK Justice {concept}.^DHB – Don’t forget to leave a comment!

For those who use BlackBerry’s with keyboards k**w it’s more than being fast and efficient, it’s about doing it correctly and effortlessly. Designed to be re-imagined of what I want to see as the next Bold, this fashionably pleasing device is here to start a new conversation. With the TK Justice, I believe I finally got it right.

Extending past the belief that the user experience should be static to only screens, the Justice is here to prove it all wrong. How we use physical objects [mobiles] today is very different and continues to change yearly and this too should be met with focus and demand. With a look and feel of luxury, this simple, tasteful yet functional design will greet both new, previous, and current users with delight. A matured look in design using a light industrial strength metallic housing will set it apart from its previous line making a bolder statement that will answer to all of today’s demands for whatever they may be.
A**ther fresh design possible (this section will be the most you have to read I swear)
Being functional shouldn’t hinder design – they should compliment each other. Customers of tomorrow aren’t going to be the same as yesterday. In designing for the tomorrow customer I tried to stay away from recycling a design that was deemed a success to that maker and go with a design that would bring a newness to it.
The overall approach of the design was to keep it simple with a very minimal and clean, but strong and fresh appeal to combat what is currently on and going to be in the market. In doing this, removing the the use of shiny plastics and gleaming chrome bezels meant to think of what design trends will be tomorrow that can reach an audience who will accept it today.
Those conscientious of scratches and run of the mill damages go with much rugged casings with the sacrifice to thickness. Looking at this I thought to infuse a strong housing that eliminates the bulk and keeps the beauty of the device. The tampered coated and treated aluminum metallic housing gives it the movie star looks in the mobile world. The two-part body assembly projects a unibody look with a sharp, but fluid design. The smooth tapered slopes gives it the edgy look the BlackBerry has been longing for with an attitude that portrays its justice.
To the front, the speaker headset grill mimics a close resemblance to the speaker design of the PlayBook. This kind of design works well in this device design as it frees the required space needed to expand on the screen real estate to the gesture bezel to the redesigned keyboard. Below the speaker a customisable dual-LED **tification will brighten up alerts, but when there’s connectivity with WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC tapping, or DLNA in play the secondary (left LED) will blink to a colour of your choice (except for Bluetooth). The front-facing camera is updated to 3.5MP to take advantage of the new video-engaged applications such as Face Detection for phone calls and BBM Video with the Proximity sensor sitting to the right.
The 3.4″ display is using the OCTA Glass OLED (expected to be on the BlackBerry 10 Aristo). The OCT/A or On-Cell Touch AMOLED designed by Samsung Mobile Displays is designed to remove embedded layers on the screen allowing it to have an immediate response while reducing the overall thickness to the body. Pushing past a 720×720 resolution as expected on the N-****** the rectangular screen on the TK Justice will serve justice with a 960×720 resolution with a 340 ppi.
On the Dev Alpha A the gesture bezel is ~3.57mm to the sides – With this I **ticed the little effort needed to swipe from side to side. There is also the use of tap and hold swiping creating the Peek & Flow integration. The majority of swiping stems from the bottom to return to the homescreens and this was where I had to provide e**ugh room without showing that something has been ******* as most are familiar with. The bottom swipe gesture space is 5mm – ample space to **t interfere with the keyboard due to keyboard spacer and the sides and top see a slight adjustment to 2mm – due to the flushed screen, side swiping won’t prove difficult to do.
The re-designed keyboard was called for in order to bring something new and to set it apart from the TK Victory as well from the previous models. In decreasing the smile, the keyboard see’s a reduced arch for the appropriate space for gesturing and the addition of two extra keys designed to replace convenience keys and add extra value to the experience.
The BlackBerry Key

Designed to be integrated with all BlackBerry applications. On-touch access could be programmed to bring all BlackBerry apps in a separate window or it could be programmed as a BBM key.
The Action Key

Take Action to all you **tifications. The BlackBerry Hub will seemingly integrate all messages, but with the Action key a user can populate a window to those applications calling for action.
The BlackBerry PlayBook has one of the best designs and I herald it next to Apple products. In fact, it’s actually better built than the iPad for usability. I have seen more naked PlayBook’s than I have of iPad’s because of that rubber-coated backing. Like the TK Victory’s design, the whole backing idea was taken from the PlayBook, but to curve away from a 7-month design the Justice needed to have the elegance. I treated all details as if it were the front and considered placement of camera, flash, name, and logo. Making room for the 2500mAh battery, the Justice’s removable battery door is composed of carbon fiber and is completed with a soft cross-hatched rubbered texture reassuring a secured feeling both in your hand and on surfaces.
Consumers are demanding more from their cell phones. They want devices that are thinner, lighter, and more aesthetically pleasing – but also durable e**ugh to resist the abuses that come with mobility. **w at 8.8mm, the TK Justice’s internal framing supports shock absorbing polymers (technical name: viscoelastic urethane branded by Sorbothane). Coated to the framing inside these polymers will protect those unexpected mid-waist drops and reduce internal damages significantly.
To the left and right, built-in dual Dolby Digital Stereo speakers will turn any quiet room array. I find muffling in sound quality happens when speakers are built into the back making it difficult to hear when your device is on a flat surface. To the sides, these speakers will provide the clarity whether it be a conference call or music to break the silence or music to set the mode…
Single key access to the top will be used to power-up, power-down, and act as a quick-lock key. It’s as simple as it gets.
To the bottom, the relocated ports once again find their home. The standard 3.5mm audio port, the microUSB, and microHDMI. Taken from my previous designs, I always the bottom of a device was a more suitable area to have the connection ports than the left and right sides. It would work well for docks, car holsters and many other applicable applications from charging (while on the phone) to multimedia input.
The quad microphones with **ise Reduction and Wideband AMR (WB-AMR) delivers the speech quality everyone demands. The WB-AMR speech compression uses a technique to amplify the audio bandwidth alone to 7 kHz which is roughly doubling from the single 3.4 kHz narrow-band AMR. So the next visit to the shopping mall, you can clam-up and speak **rmal…you will be heard!

The BlackBerry TK Victory versus the BlackBerry TK Justice.
The TK Victory turned out to be a very successful design due to incorporating a new look, but keeping a form of BlackBerry familiarity with the keyboard added unchanged. The recognition was favoured among the keyboard crowd who in turn accepted the overall new design approach. The bezel-less design approach made it familiar with the Curve ****** with the power of the Bold, but the wrap around display design that met the sides and top half way and finished with a rubber backing that met with an ergo**mic comfort made it standout from the crowd. After seeing the success from its April 2012 release originally featured on *****Berry I started a follow-up design on ways of improving it for the better.
The experimental design (as it was originally) of the Victory proved well. It meant users wanted to see change in the current line-up. The curvier housing of the Victory could work well, but its overall tone in design doesn’t match the flair of its competitors. The TK Justice needed to answer on a grand scale to reach a wider audience. It needed to have that zing! That oh la la look without losing its cool factor. A re-designed metallic housing with a polished finish brings it the well deserved looks intended in the form of a two-part assembly. The overall clean design of the Justice could prove newsworthy for those that seek both business and beauty.

BlackBerry Bold 99XX side-by-side with the TK Justice {concept}. Wikitudes application on the Bold 9900.
The Bold 99XX is indeed the best BlackBerry RIM has put out to date when compared to its own brand, but I don’t believe it sizes up well competitively with the market. Screen real estate remains small making touch interaction a slight difficulty with smaller graphic details. Improving on the TK Victory, the TK Justice was designed to further enhance the BlackBerry brand appeal to **t only lure back the suits and skirts, but bring back the Joe’s and Betty’s all around. The new design takes in many considerations with today’s market for fashion accessories to improving the build quality. A suitable size factor was priority in the new design to match the demands of what we receive and consume.
Sizing-up against the Bold 99XX, the TK might as well stand for “Total K**ckout”. Trumping the **w dated look with a 13mm height increase to leverage a taller screen thanks to the large part of reducing the bevel framing which removes the softer look. The change also maximises the space for the redesigned keyboard giving a fuller look with the addition of two buttons that replace the side convenience keys. While holding the beautifully crafted Apple iPhone 5 it seemed too long and narrow and the typing felt confined. With a physical keyboard in mind the typing experience could **t be hindered in any which way and so in carrying forward the width of 66mm was sound as being the ideal width that tailors to the majority of hand sizes.
Comparing the depths of the TK Justice {concept} to the BlackBerry Bold 99xx.
When I saw the BlackBerry PlayBook for the first time at a BlackBerry Developers Conference in Toronto in March 2010 I immediately was wow’d. On gawking and google-eyeing it ex-RIM superstar Mike Kirkup was e**ugh to cure my curiosity and handed the PlayBook to me to look at. I was fascinated over the the size and built while in my hand. BlackBerry’s at the time had yet to see some thin love and everything about it is what I wanted to see in the next BlackBerry phone (see TK Europa). It was however the BlackBerry Dev Alpha A that took on most of its traits.
The BlackBerry Bold 99XX when released carried a 0.5mm difference to the PlayBook showing signs of progress. In dissecting the Bold 9900 I found a lot of wasted space and areas that could have been tapered to reduce the 0.5mm increase from the PlayBook. With changes rapidly moving ahead working on the TK Justice depth was ** longer about trying to fight for a 10mm decrease, but thinking forward with the possible advances to printed-board circuits to the OCTA display as both examples trim several layers on a final product.

Frontal views: BlackBerry Porsche Bold P’9981 | BlackBerry Bold 99XX | TK Victory {concept} | TK Justice {concept}
I am still boggled by the design and the un-warranted price tag of the BlackBerry Porsche P’9981. When this was first leaked it looked more like a hobbyist project. Maybe a well-done hobbyist project if it were to be, but to come from Porsche themselves makes me want to jump roof tops like a vigilante without the fight. It is literally a new housing on the 99XX! The hard edged trims sure makes it stand out, but **t in the best of ways. Having handled the P’9981 I can say that the metallic keys felt uneasy on the thumbs tips with the rest just being uncomfortable. I will grant it marks for the metal housing in terms of wanting to set itself apart. This was where re-branding a familiar could have given leverage to the Bold line.

Being a flagship phone, the Bold 99XX could have been bolder on a whole than using a shiny metallic bezel to grant it an expensive look. If **t for the steller keyboard on this phone everything else would be considered plain jane. It’s a beauty to type on as I have gone hours on hours typing on it. (The majority of the TK Victory and Justice were written in the WordPress app on the Bold 9900.) The two major gripes I have would be the amount of space allocated to the top (above the active screen) and below the keyboard. The lip as others refer to it believe this gives a better balance. **t sure where this conclusion comes from, but in designing the TK Victory and Justice, these were areas I wanted to approach and minimise.

The TK Victory was what I originally wanted to see from RIM. I thought, hoped that a drastic change would be in the works. I decided a smoother design would appeal to many with the many considerations actual users have begged and complained on. You can read the complete write-up here: TK Victory.

Stacked up against the three the TK Justice shows a clear distinction of change. Comparatively the most **table starts with the progressive height difference to the overall shape refinement. The rectangular design stretches the space while evening out everything else. This less than overly radical change to the look keeps it simple yet beautiful to stare at.

Rear views: BlackBerry Porsche Bold P’9981 | BlackBerry Bold 99XX | TK Victory {concept} | TK Justice {concept}
It is extremely important to always think of the back just as much as one thinks about the front. With the way that phones are treated and used on a daily they see more brushes with rough and textured surfaces than we tend to **tice.
The decision for the Porsche designed P’9981′s leather backing seems like a last minute cutout treatment that does **thing to enhance its metallic appeal.The Bold 99xx battery door slopes upwards away from the rubbered edge making it smaller and is embedded with a nice textured look, but the plastic coat gives off a slippery feel and scratch marks tend to be **ticed. This I felt needed to be addressed and so like the PlayBook’s backing I carried this forward to the TK Victory. The curved backing here conforms to the hand and is enhanced with raised micro beads so a user could have that physical response.
What worked well for the Victory didn’t work as well for the Justice. With a depth heavily trimmed at 8.8mm, the Justice does **t lose sight of when being held. The backs edging is tapered curved, but the wider textured battery door will be the reminder that it won’t be seeing the floor anytime soon.

The TK Discovery full touch model | TK Justice qwerty model
The TK Discovery is the first full touch attempt in the TK ******. It’s a design that is again simple, but still brings a different look and lure to it. The BlackBerry PlayBook had already given us the indication that if front buttons were surely ** longer needed and with a full touch screen it would eliminate those altogether. The TK Justice borrows from the Discovery in many ways and in keeping it different from the crop setting it apart it had to be distinctive, but **t stray away from **t being too un-recognisable.

The TK Justice {concept} re-designed keyboard expanded with two additional onboard keys.
RIM k**ws they make the best keyboards on the planet for mobile phones so this was somewhat dangerous territory I thought to myself if I was going to make any changes. The TK Victory saw a wider keyboard meeting the edge of the device, but even through that design I felt the keys were too exposed at the edges and could easily be nabbed by loose threads. The keyboard had to be secured, snugged fit and minimise on the smile (the top of the keyboard) to reduce the look of something missing and it had to feel fuller as if it wasn’t missing any keys. So when I went on creating this keyboard back in May 2012 I looked at how I can make the changes without making the changes **ticeable.

The first task to the reduction of the smile of the keyboard was say how low would the screen be in order to have the appropriate space to allow a gestured swipe? As mentioned, **w with the removal of the four common keys and trackpad this newly found space would look awkward to all current and past users if there was too much space. This right amount of space was key to making the keyboard and screen work together as a whole. As measured (via the Dev Alpha A) only 2-5mm was needed to signal a gesture. Rather than making it straight like the P’9981′s keyboard, I was still able to keep a familiar curve. The gestured bezel would be 5mm in height to the direct center as it would reduce as it flows up to the screen from the sides Q and P.

Looking at the existing keyboard on BlackBerry’s using the Bold 9900 as this example I automatically see more that can be added and adjusted without tampering with its overall goodness. The Convenience key(s) placed to the side(s) are always too low for my liking that they quickly became an inconvenience. In keeping the sides free I decided to add two more keys to the keyboard and re-adjust as well re-align the forth row of keys to create a better symmetry.

With the addition of two extra keys, the adjustment of the keyboard is complete with a fuller look. The Space bar is **w the width of four lettered keys and the Shift keys with the 0 and Sym key are **w aligned vertically.

I originally had a camera key and a mailbox key I couldn’t believe how ugly it looked. So I jumped to the web to see what was out there. On August 13th, *****Berry Kevin(@*****berrykevin) fanned out to the addicts with this very interesting post: Action **w has a symbol, but does the symbol have a name? [For the follow-up article on the fan-based chosen name click here.] It was right in front of me the whole time. RIM staff may call it a “splat”, with others calling it a “star”, but I have always settled on calling it Action. It is exactly what we do when we see it hovering over our mail icon or applications. How would it work? Pressing the customisable Action key could take you directly to BlackBerry Hub or set it to take action elsewhere as mentioned above, opening a window that let’s you take action to those apps calling for attention.

Batman Beyond, Superman, Wonder Woman & Batman are the properties of DC Comics. Ghost Rider is the property of Marvel Characters B.V. Artwork is credited to RyanBnjmn on deviantART and is used for its awesomeness.
The TK Justice {concept} in supported colour variations. Velvet Ebony, Silver S**w, and Blue 72
The TK Justice couldn’t strike a pose only in one colour and have boring name. The black is elegantly titled Velvet Ebony giving it a rich sound to it with the white sparkling as Silver S**w. Blue 72 plays homage to the blue coloured housing from the BlackBerry 7200 ****** (see here for 7230 model). The 7200 ****** is when I myself saw BlackBerry’s growth.

This is a Concept Design. THIS IS **T A REAL PHONE!
This is a Concept Design. THIS IS **T A REAL PHONE!
This is a Concept Design. THIS IS **T A REAL PHONE!
This is a Concept Design. THIS IS **T A REAL PHONE!

Leaked renders of the BlackBerry L-****** (a la London) and the qwerty N-****** posing beside the TK Justice. Say cheeeeeese!
This is a Concept Design. THIS IS **T A REAL PHONE!
Thanks for checking out the BlackBerry TK Justice {concept}. I am eager to hear it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly (just ** profanity please). If you don’t like it or disagree, tell me why, I do listen quite well! You can follow or **t follow me on Twitter: @digitalhomeboy. Please use#TKJustice when tweeting. Woot (throws fist in the air) Go #teamBlackBerry.

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