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افتراضي cattle tags for horse flies

I have searched and read some older threads. I am always wary of cattle strength fly products having witnessed a horse take a very bad reaction to one. however, I have a black pony and we are having extended horse fly weather and there's a 2 mile stretch of road I have to ride on there and back which is especially dreadful for him. he's not the easiest to fit a rug to so am reluctant to buy a ride on (and I am a bit skint-I like the look of the Gallop Hi Viz one except that it looks quite hot!). Anyone use the cattle tags? How likely is my (very pragmatic mixed practice vet) will sell me two for the ponies? TIA.And I apologise to anyone I may have been dismissive to regarding cleggs-we usually only have them on the odd day here but what with the heatwave and a black pony I am beginning to understand why they drive you all to distraction!

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