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قديم 07-02-2018, 05:34 AM
ahlam1399 ahlam1399 غير متواجد حالياً
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افتراضي I cant do dressage, its impossible :(

I just cant do it. Ive evented to CIC* level, showjumped BS, done pure RC dressage etc. but I just cannot do a simple dressage test. I have absolutely no confidence in it at all, I turn into a nervous wreck and ride like a total idiot so of course my poor horse (who is sensitive anyway) goes tense and I can barely get her into canter without tanking along in trot first. I feel like a novice rider for goodness sake! Put me in front of a show jump or decent sized XC fence and Im totally back within my comfort zone again. It just seems so stupid, everyone else masters the dressage and its the jumping they worry about. Not me :( Ive always struggled with it on other horses as well, I just hate being judged purely on my riding. Its really disheartening as we're normally always double clear so its all down to our rubbish dressage score which keeps us out of the highest placings usually. Ive tried doing pure dressage competitions to get over my nerves but Im just as bad with those, it doesn't help. No idea what I can do about it except not having sensitive type horses (which I love for jumping) and get more dope on a rope type horses who wont get so tense because I am! Ugh :(

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