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Sara shared her birthday wishes by sharing a picture in a bikini, troll!

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قديم 03-17-2020, 11:21 PM
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افتراضي Sara shared her birthday wishes by sharing a picture in a bikini, troll!

Ibrahim has a birthday on March 5, the son of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. Ibrahim Ali Khan is 19 years old. He is also known as the Xerox copy of Papa Saif Ali Khan. Abraham has maintained a very good body and seeing his preparation, he will also work in the Hindi film industry. On Abraham's birthday, Sara has congratulated her brother on his birthday by sharing a picture of his Maldives Holidays with a bikini (Sara Ali Khan Bikini). Sara has written that, "You cannot imagine how much I love you." I am not with you today. Missing you a lot. ''

Let me tell you that these days Sara Ali Khan is shooting for the film Atrangi Ray in Benares. For this reason, he is not with his brother on his birthday. Sara is very active on social media. So he took to Instagram to wish his brother a happy birthday. Sara had gone to the Malldives on holiday along with her mother Amrita Singh and brother. His photos of the Maldives were very viral. Sara is looking very hot in bikini pictures.

There is a very good bonding between Sarah and Abraham. Sara's brother is 6 years older than Abraham. She also has a lot of love for her brother, but she is being trolled by sharing bikini photos and congratulating her on her birthday. People are writing them on social media about who takes pictures with such a brother.

Some of the same people are saying that this has become too much.

Some people are writing to Sara that there is something called shame and are advising them that you should not share such pictures with your brother. However, many people are also supporting Sara but more number of trolls are there.

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