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hepatitis/liver not responding

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قديم 07-20-2018, 02:21 AM
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افتراضي hepatitis/liver not responding

my 7 year old new forest gelding suddenly became photosensitive and burnt his socks about 12 weeks ago now, when the UV was still relatively low (I keep an eye on it as my mare has a pink nose and my other gelding has thin white socks).vet suggested blood test for liver- I had not really heard about it before.results were not good- I forget all the proper terminology, bile, enzyme markers etc. so did a biopsy, and it showed significant fibrosis.but other than the burn socks he showed no signs of anything being wrong. he was perhaps a little quiet, but I put that down to pain with his puffy socks. given a good clean healing up he picked up.due to the bad bloods he was put on a high dose of steroids (powder and tablets) and a supplement. but after 4 weeks his bloods had got even worse. another 3 weeks and they have got worse again. so we are of course very concerned and vet is trying to think of other options.has anyone had experience with liver disease not responding to steroids? initially the markers that suggest a current toxin had gone down and the other horses bloods are normal. land been grazed for years. he was a 'runt' off the new forest, who was very wormy and original owner got given him as a freebee when she bought another 6 month old new forest mare. he was very weak and scrawny, but quickly picked up and ever since has been a hardy tank with no signs of illness. but I wonder if he actually damaged his liver as a baby all those years ago. talking to vet again tomorrow. we can look at changing his field but easier said than done, or she said a months box rest on halage to eliminate environmental cause. he was away for 3 months at another yard and had just been back for a few weeks when he burnt his socks. but I have spoken to them and no other horses their have shown any signs and their place is immaculate! pristine paddocks. so frustrated and worried. he seems so well, but concerned it could suddenly take a nose dive as his bloods are worse than horses who the vet has seen exhibiting a lot of symptoms (she has specialised in livers so treated over 50 and she is struggling with what to do)well done if you managed to read all this! need to try and process it all. not helped by currently being 9 months pregnant- talk about timing!

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