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(Watch) Steven Gerrard reveals how he and his family are settling into their new LA l

أزياء - فساتين - عبايات - ملابس نسائية - موضة

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افتراضي (Watch) Steven Gerrard reveals how he and his family are settling into their new LA l

</p>Steven Gerrard has spoken about how he and wife Alex are settling nicely into their new LA life.

The former Liverpool captain said he couldn’t wait to be reunited with his three children, who were expected to fly out yesterday due to them staying behind in Merseyside for their schooling.

And he said making sure his three girls – 11-year-old Lilly-Ella, Lexie, nine, and Lourdes, three – adjust to living in the US will be key over the coming weeks.

The midfielder admitted if Alex and their daughters are happy then that will inspire his glory with new club LA Galaxy.

He said: “[My three girls] had exams in school and didn’t finish school until Friday, so my mum’s bringing them over.

“And that’s another challenge for me to help them settle and get used to life over here. So we’re really looking forward to doing that.â€‌


Steven and Alex looking happy in LA
(Image: Steven Gerrard Instagram)
He also revealed WAG Alex, 32, was enjoying her time in America thanks to her fitness regime.

He added: “Alex is settling really well. She’s got her gym routine going, and she’s making new friends.

“But for me if Alex and the girls are happy, that will certainly help me perform on the pitch. So that’s going to be key over the next couple of weeks to make sure that they are happy.â€‌

Speaking to reporters for first time since joining LA Galaxy, he said: “I love Liverpool.

“I will miss it at times. But I’m so excited to be here, moving forward it’s about me playing for LA Galaxy and what I’m going to bring to the table for my new club.

“Everyone knows Liverpool will be always in my heart, but for me now it’s all about fighting for a new badge in LA Galaxy, and I’ll work as hard as I can both on and off the pitch to do whatever I can for this club.â€‌

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