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رموز الهيدروليك كلها
رموز الهيدروليك كلها
Disclaimer: The information on this page has **t been checked by an independent person. Use this information at your own risk.

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These Pages include various standards. To confirm the status of any standard, identify the replacement standard if it is obsolete and/or purchase the standard please use. It is also possible to become a BSI member and obtain copies of the Standards at much reduced prices.

Drawing Page

Symbols used in Pneumatic / Hydraulic Circuit diagrams


The symbols shown below are generally based on
BS 2917-1:1993, ISO 1219-1:1991.Graphic symbols and circuit diagrams for fluid power systems and components. Specification for graphic symbols
**te: This is one standard identified by two numbers.

For information on production of circuit diagrams refer to
BS ISO 1219:1995..Fluid power systems and components. Graphic symbols and circuit diagrams. Circuit diagrams

Diagrams of pneumatic and hydraulic components are produced using these symbols as building block combining functional symbols with symbols for variability and operation ...

Basic Symbols

Following are examples of the basic symbols

Valve Operators

Following are typical symbols associated with Valve Operators

Energy Conversion Devices

Following are typical symbols associated with Pumps and Motors


Following are typical symbols associated with Instruments

Fluid Conditioning

Following are typical symbols associated with Air Conditioning Units

Fluid Cylinders

Following are typical symbols associated with Fluid Cylinders

System Pressurisation

Following are typical symbols associated with Fluid System Pressurisation

Links Providing information on Drawing Diagrams and Symbols
  1. Basic Symbols ... Single page of symbols
  2. Hydraulics and Pneumatics ... Detailed set of symbols .
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