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ahlam1399 07-20-2018 02:21 AM

Anyone else feel a bit lonely at their yard?
I've been riding Max for nearly a year now and he's on a really nice livery yard. It's fairly small with only 9 other horses. And people are really nice, but I just feel a bit lonely recently.There's only two other girls my age and one of them can be really nice or she can be a bit stand-offish and I get the vibe she really doesn't like me. And the other, we compete together but I wouldn't say we were very close (we only compete together as she doesn't have transport and we do and we're doing to same sort of thing) and sometimes I get a bit annoyed as she often tells me how to ride Max (she's never ridden him and her pony is a lot easier than him - and yes, I have ridden her) or she'll one-up me (Max is strong, but her pony did this, this and this). So perhaps that's why we aren't very close. I'm not sure. There's a few teenagers who I get on quite well with and all of the older adults I get on really well with too, it's just the people my age and I feel kind of lonely. For example, the two girls my age are doing their towing licence together and went to the hunt ball together.That probably sounds really bratty, but it'd just be nice to have friends.


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