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David Price Rumors: Thursday
David Price Rumors: Thursday
There has been much speculation about a David Price trade this winter but very little hard information about interested teams. *CBS Sports' Jon Heyman explores the seemingly quiet Price trade market in his wrap-up of the latest news about the Rays southpaw...

  • "Five or six" teams have made offers involving Price but the Rays haven't seen anything that piques their interest.* The Rays "seem slightly shocked" that they haven't received better offers and people within the organization are **w discussing keeping Price through at least the start of the season.
  • Taijuan Walker seems to be an untouchable for the Mariners, with a Mariners source telling Heyman that "Taijuan Walker will be on our roster come Opening Day."* A**ther M's source says Seattle would prefer to keep both Walker and James Paxton, and instead trade young position players for Price.* A Rays official hinted that Seattle could offer an acceptable trade package without Walker, with Heyman **ting that Paxton and Mike Zuni** would seem to be logical candidates.
  • "Tampa Bay's position is that they need one huge prospect or at least a trio of very good ones" for Price, so a Mariners offer based around the likes of Dustin Ackley, Nick Franklin and Justin Smoak wouldn't be e**ugh to get it done.
  • The Royals have "had mostly just internal talks on Price" and haven't exchanged any "meaningful dialogue" with the Rays about a possible trade.* That said, Heyman **tes that Kansas City has the prospect depth to make a trade possible, though Price's rising salary through arbitration over the next two seasons makes a deal a "tall order," according to one Royals source.
  • Trading Price within the AL East is "**t ideal," according to one Rays source, though the idea wasn't dismissed outright.* I'd guess that Tampa Bay would want an even higher premium for Price from a division rival than they would from a **n-AL East club.

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