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Scandal's Guillermo Diaz: 'Da Man' Feature December/January 2014
Scandal's Guillermo Diaz: 'Da Man' Feature December/January 2014 Guillermo Diaz keeps it serious in a suit for a feature in Da Man magazine’s December/January 2014 issue, out on newsstands **w!

Here’s what the Scandal actor had to share with the mag:

On what kind of person he is: “I am kind of a loner but Im a really happy, smiley, jokey person. Im really different from Huck, so I have to delve into those moments in my life that brings me closer to that emotional state Huck is in. Its tough that a lot of time Huck didnt smile in the show. Again, its hard, but its worth it.”

On the most important thing in his life: “Right **w its this job, working on [Scandal]. Thats how my life rolls around at this moment. I have a very chill, calm life and Im just happy to be working. I also love to read. I love to spend time with my friends here in L.A., while my family are all in New York. I dont get to see them very often but I get to see them every Thanksgiving.”

On what he wants to achieve outside of his acting career: “I do this Halloween art show with my friends every year. We make horror-scene art because we love horror ******. Weve been doing it for about three years **w. The money we raise from selling the art is donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I would love to expand on that, make the art show kind of bigger, and get better at my art.”

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