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rss 01-07-2015 02:41 AM

S**wstorms set to batter Israel and Mideast for second year running were grey charged skies over Jerusalem as the Middle East prepared for a rare s**wstorm, and if it is anything like the one that caught everyone by surprise last year, this time people are getting ready. There was chaos last year on roads that had never seen s**w. This time around salt has been stockpiled and there will be preventive spreading today and tonight. Israelis keep cool under fire. But threaten them with being s**wed in for a week and they panic buy just like us. I think most of the people are a bit traumatised from last year, traumatised from having ** electricity and things like that. We were cut off from electricity for five days, but we k**w its gonna be like last year, but better be prepared than **t prepared, said one young mother. In Gaza the problem is a different one. With so many buildings damaged the challenge will be staying alive this winter, **t staying warm and fed. For one Palestinian the winter is just a**ther reason for him to be moved on. As you can see were cold. We dont k**w what will happen to us. There is ** gasoline, **t heating, ** clothes. The houses are leaking. This is a**ther immigration, were being forced to move, said a man burning scraps of wood in a shack. There is a determination in Israel **t to be caught out again and preparations appear to have been extensive, but in Gaza there is little of anything during **rmal weather, so some are fearing the worst if temperatures suffer a sustained plunge.


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