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ahlam1399 01-06-2015 08:00 PM

Eminem Criticized on Young Zee's 'Dear Shady' [WATCH]
Eminem recently released his new album "Shady XV" and, as a reaction, Young Zee has responded with a track of his own titled "Dear Shady."In the track, Young Zee questions Eminem and vocalizes that he was distressed he was **t included in some of Eminem's recent music ventures.On Eminem's song "Fine Line," he shouts out Young Zee and The Outsidaz, saying, "Zee, you always supported me / You vouched, I will never forget that and / How you guys accepted me for me and Pace / I love you too, you slept on my couch."Zee's music video accompanying his track starts off with dated footage of the Outsidaz and Eminem doing an interview, where Eminem says, "I met Zee in New Jersey. I came out like a month later. Met Zee. Met the rest of the Outsidaz. Got down with the crew. You k**w what I'm saying? And the rest is history. It's like a whole family thing."After the interview clip, the track starts and Zee gets into airing his grievances with Eminem, stating that he felt left out and that Em did **t truly have his back when he was arrested or when his house unfortunately burnt down.The lyrics read: "Let me ask you / Why you ain't come to my avenue / When you grabbed dudes for your rap crew / I paid mad dues ... Anyhow, my house burnt down/ I'm in Jersey **w / You ain't care, you ain't even come around / I got locked up for selling quarter pounds down Bordentown / You could have looked out, you could have came and bailed me out."


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