Why Won’t the Senate Protect Mueller?

Why Won’t the Senate Protect Mueller?Senator Jeff Flake, a member of the judiciary committee, is determined to oppose all judicial nominations until the bill protecting special counsels gets a vote. His pledge has already helped to sink one potential judge – and is now delaying several more, with the committee canceling a meeting for a second time because it doesn’t have the votes without Flake. So what’s going on? On the surface, this certainly appears to contradict my suggestion that President Donald Trump is losing his clout with congressional Republicans. There won’t be a big tax cut or health-care bill that needs floor time in 2019 or 2020. So perhaps McConnell just doesn’t see much need to give in, especially since Flake, who didn’t seek re-election this year, will be gone in a few weeks.It could also just be that McConnell doesn’t like giving Democrats any victories. After all, blocking tough votes on behalf of the caucus is what party leaders in Congress do.