What happens in Vegas stays on TripAdvisor? New research on understanding the role of narrativity in consumer reviews

Online consumer reviews are a powerful form of word of mouth—69% of consumers have indicated that they base their purchase decisions on them. Literature on word of mouth language has uncovered several attributes of reviews that coincide with positive consumer evaluations, but the impact of “narrativity,” or how a text tells a story, has not been thoroughly investigated—until now.

New research from Jennifer Edson Escalas, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Owen Graduate School of Management, explores the impact that a narrative review can have on consumer engagement and persuasion. Published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the study is titled “What Happens in Vegas Stays on TripAdvisor? A Theory and Technique to Understand Narrativity in Consumer Reviews.” The study was co-authored by Tom van Laer of the Cass Business School, Stephan Ludwig of the University of Surrey, and Ellis A van den Hende of the Delft University of Technology