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OUR GBOX gives you access to the following with just a few clicks of a remote control:
FREE movies - including every movie that has ever existed. (Also watch adult movies)
FREE sports PPV events, including those from the WWE, UFC, TNA, etc
Access to TV shows literally minutes after they air - going back all the way to the dawn of television (think Burns & Allen, Texaco Star Theater, etc)
100,000+ hours of streaming video on any and every subject you can think of
Unlimited music streaming from around the world - including access to your Pandora account.
All of this in a device that fits in the palm of your hand, supports full 1080p resolution, and comes pre-configured for ease of use! All you need to use it is a tv with hdmi input plus an internet connection
If you want all of these things, and then some our GBOX is For You.
You've heard of modified Apple TV units - you've also seen how expensive they are (most sell for over $300 USD now). This device is a lot BETTER than a modified AppleTV - and we can say that as experts with over 20 years combined experience in the Information Technology industry.
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