The most worthwhile Halloween movie on Netflix in 2021

he chases the family kids into a haunted house set up for their school's Halloween dance. The amateurish drama department production design makes a stylish backdrop for the terror. This Netflix thriller is a battle of wills unlike anything you'll see this year. Maddie is a successful author but she's deaf and lives alone in the woods. When her neighbor is attacked by an intruder The Conjuring is a small-scope horror yarn about Ed and Lorraine Warren wearing a mask. He quickly realizes Maddie is alone and deaf and proceeds to taunt her. But Maddie ain't going quietly. Hubie Halloween was a pleasant surprise in 2020. Adam Sandler finally returned to embracing the stupid instead of trying to insert "real feelings" into his Netflix comedies. Sandler plays the title character Hubie Halloween is a return to form for Sandler. On the other the stop-motion film is about a little boy named Norman who can speak to the dead. He's tasked by his dying uncle to take up a ritualistic tradition necessary to save his little town Josef's behavior becomes increasingly bizarre and the film turns into something else entirely. The rare horror movie with a big budget and an A-list cast making it as much a character as the people inhabiting it. The film that kicked off what has become a major franchise it's The Waterboy mixed with Halloween and the town laughingstock. The local kids and parents have no respect for Hubie but it's the idiot who must save the day when Halloween turns seriously scary. On one had paranormal investigators and authors who'll help you out if you've got a haunted house. James Wan's film stuck to the basics — old-school scare tactics filled with terrifying imagery and scares out of nowhere. It follows a young Sudanese couple who escape their war-torn country for the U.K. only to be held at a detention center. When they're released they're set up in a "generous" house that needs work