The 11 Best Free Movies On YouTube Right Now

It might come as a surprise to find that there are a whole bunch of free movies available to watch on YouTube — and it might come as an even bigger surprise to find that some of them are actually great. Here are a few of the very best.

In 1986, John Carpenter broke the cinematic mold with Big Trouble in Little China, a satirical kung fu movie that sets Kurt Russell down in a labyrinthine Chinatown, and leads him through an intriguing plot involving kidnapping and sorcery. Unfortunately, Big Trouble in Little China bombed at the box office on release, making back only around $11.1 million of its budget, which has been estimated at roughly $20 million. In fact, it bombed so badly that it drove Carpenter away from Hollywood altogether.

But over the years, the film's reputation has increased, and it's now considered a bona fide cult classic. Empire magazine rated it among the top 500 movies of all time, and many of its vocal defenders praise it for its skewering of stereotypical Asian roles in movies. At the time, it was rare for a Western movie even to feature a predominantly Asian cast. As actor James Hong has said:

"There will never be another Big Trouble in Little China. [...] Martial artists, the greatest of all, actors, writers, [in] that movie, John gave us all a chance."

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Big Trouble in Little China | 0:00
The Terminator | 1:18
The Color of Money | 2:18
Let Me In | 3:21
Stargate | 4:27
Slumdog Millionaire | 5:40
Super Size Me | 6:49
Moulin Rouge! | 7:32
Ghost in the Shell | 8:34
Traitor | 9:44
The Cutting Edge | 10:50

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