Tekno’s Vocal Box Damaged... Cannot Sing Or Perform 'For A While'

These are trying times for Nigerian singer, Augustine Miles Kelechi, popularly known as Tekno, as his health seems to be failing him, his management has revealed.

Tekno, who became a household name in 2013 after the successful release of his single 'Holiday', has been battling to get back to full health. 

In a post on Instagram, the singer’s management team led by Ubi Franklin called on Nigerians and the fans of the singer to pray for him.

Although the nature of his illness was not disclosed, the statement by his management revealed that Tekno’s vocal box was affected and he won't be able to perform or sing "for a while".

The statement read: “These past few months have been really trying times for your favorite boy TEKNO MILES.

“He had tried to down play the severity of his ailment hoping it will be short-lived, but after further diagnoses, doctors have advised that he takes time out to fully recover. His vocal box is temporarily damaged due to strain from overtime performances and cannot sing or perform for a while. 

“Please put Tekno in your prayers. Nevertheless, he also wants to reassure his fans that they have nothing to worry about because he has put in so much work so a lot of great music will be released during this period. Please send love and positive vibrations his way as this is a hard time for him. Thank you.”




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