Naseeb Apna Apna 1986 full HD Movie | Rishi Kapoor, Farah Naaz, Amrish Puri

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Chandu is an innocent village girl who does not look beautiful escpecially the hairstyle makes her look ugly. However her father's effort does not back off to find a groom for her. Kishan is a young salesman who has many dreams about his life and his life partner but very scared of his dominant father. Kishan's father and Chandu's father are close friends. Seeing his friend's struggle to marry off his daughter, Kishan's father arranges marriage for Kishan and Chandu without Kishan's consent. Kishan gets angry on his father's decision and further shocks to see his wife-to-be Chandu who is dark skinned and lacks in social graces. However, scared of his father, he marries her . Kishan hates to live with Chandu but innocent Chandu does not realise her husband's intentions and continues to serve her duties as wife to him.

Meanwhile, Kishan gets an award for best performance in his job and leaves to receive medal. He meets a beautiful light skinned woman Radha from Bombay who is also an award winner. When he returns to his office he finds one of his friend has to leave Bombay on transfer but not willing to leave. Kishan uses this opportunity to escape from his father and ugly wife and opts for transfer instead of him and leaves Bombay. At Bombay he accidentally lands up in Radha's house and stays there. Radha and Kishan fall in love and marry.

Kishan's father threatens his son to take away Chandu with him and so he unwillingly takes her with him. But on reaching Bombay he finds Radha has come to receive him and leaves Chandu in the railway station alone and goes away with Radha. But when he goes back to station to find Chandu he cannot find her but instead he meets her in his house as servant-maid. Chandu finds that her husband has married another woman and gets shocked.

How did Chandu land up at Radha's home? Will she ever reveal that Kishan is her husband to everyone? Would Radha come to know about the relationship between her husband and her servant-maid? Will Kishan live with Chandu or Radha ? forms the rest of the story.

Rishi Kapoor
Farah Naaz
Raadhika Sarathkumar
Amrish Puri