My Conscience Is Clear, Says Ronaldo On Rape Allegation

Christaino Ronaldo, a Portuguese football superstar, has denied the allegation of rape made against him by Kathryn Mayorga, who accused him of raping her in 2009 at Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Mayorga had filed a suit against the footballer seeking to void a non-disclosure agreement she had signed shortly after the incident. She also claimed to have received $375,000 in exchange for her silence.

On Friday, September 28, CNN reported that the lady filed a suit against Ronaldo at Clark County Court, alleging that the football superstar admitted to his team of fixers that he had forcefully had his way with the lady.

In the suit, Mayorga claimed that Ronaldo stated that “he was sorry; he was usually a gentleman,” after the act.

She then accused the football player of coercing her into signing the non-disclosure agreement, claiming he took advantage of her fragile emotional state.

Ronaldo had denied the allegation in 2017, when it was first reported by a German news outlet, Der Spiegel.

Similarly, his lawyer, Christian Schertz, described the report on the lawsuit as "blatantly illegal".

A statement released on September 28 by Schertz read: “[It] violates the personal rights of our client, Cristiano Ronaldo in an exceptionally serious way. This is an inadmissible reporting of suspicions in the area of privacy.”

On the same day, Ronaldo had denied the allegation on his Instagram page, saying his accusers were seeking fame by attacking him.

“What they said today, fake -- fake news. They want to promote by my name. It's normal. They want to be famous -- to say my name. Yeah but it's part of the job. I'm (a) happy man and all, all good,” he posted.

Ronaldo again denied the allegation via his Twitter handle on Wednesday, October 3, 3018, saying: "I firmly deny the accusations being issued against me. Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in.

"Keen as I may be to clear my name, I refuse to feed the media spectacle created by people seeking to promote themselves at my expense. My clear [conscience] will thereby allow me to await with tranquility the results of any and all investigations." 





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