Hollywood: Darkness & Shoot 'Em Up Movies

Earth is ascending. It’s been a polar planet for a very long time.

In this video, Kimberly explains why there’s still so much violence in various forms around us, despite the fact that Earth is waking up. She explains how violent Hollywood movies like John Wick are providing beneficial opportunities for growth.

Kimberly explains how Darkness and Light are simply options from which you can choose. Depending on the viewer's perspective about life, he will get different things from a movie like that.

Human beings at different levels of ascension are working through their dark energy from previous incarnations; and the actors, producers and viewers of these films are using them to transmute those energies.

At the galactic level, many souls reincarnated on our planet after living lives in the Orion star system, which endured a very violent transformation. This is the history behind Star Wars, where Light eventually integrated with Dark.

Now on Earth, the Light is winning, and Darkness is on its last stand.

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