Ek Aur Tezz Hero Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | 2019 Hindi Dubbed Full Action Movies

Ek Aur Tezz Hero (Seyal) is a Tamil Dubbed Hindi movie starring Rajan Tejeshwar and Tharushi in prominent roles. It is a romantic drama directed by Ravi Abbulu with Siddharth Vipin as musician, forming part of the crew.

Ek Aur Tezz Hero begins with Karthik (Rajan Tejeshwar), a young man, getting beaten up Dhandapani (Chammak Chandra), the don of a market, in public, following a minor altercation. This causes a loss of face to the gangster, who loses his grip over the people in the place. On the advice of his guru Thimingalam (Jayabalan), Dhandapani decides to have his revenge by thrashing Karthik at the same market. However, to ensure that the youngster, who is now in Kerala, comes back to Chennai, he acts in a friendly manner with Karthik. But the young man is back in Chennai, things don't go as per plan, which frustrates Dhandapani to no extent, especially with Seval (Dheena), his rival, trying to take control of the market. Does he get his revenge?

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