Caramel chocolate cupcakes

Ornaments Cassatt chocolate caramel .. very special recipe, characterized by good taste, quick and easy to prepare, ornaments Cassatt chocolate caramel .. recipe sweets worth the experience, her feet in all occasions .. View the modus operandi of caramel sauce easy for sweets


- Butter: 30 grams (unsalted / for caramel)
- brown sugar: 100 grams (for caramel)
- Pour cream: 150 ml (for caramel)
- Salt: 1/2 teaspoon (salt flakes / with extra sleeve for decorating / for caramel)
- Blush cream: 300 milliliters (ready / chocolate)
- Black chocolate: 200 g (melted)
- Vanilla extract: a few drops (for chocolates)

How to prepare

1. To prepare the "caramel": melt butter in a small cooker, then stir with brown sugar and double cream, on low heat, until the sugar dissolves. Then, lift the heat, and put the mixture on the fire until it barks, noting that it has become thicker textures. Heat the fire and keep the caramel aside for a quarter of an hour until it cools. Then, add to the salt chips, mixed with, and distributed to four bowls.
2. To prepare the chocolates: Cream the whisk, in a small saucepan, with chocolates. Then, add the vanilla drops, when the mixture is bubbled. The latter is distributed over the four bowls above the caramel.
3. Let the bowls aside for some time, before they are served cold (not iced) and decorated with salt flakes.