Shouts were caught in New York Fashion Week

We arrived at the sixth day of the New York Fashion Week for ready-made clothes for the Spring and Summer 2018 season. We have followed a number of special shows this year, and there have been a lot of shouts that have caught the attention of their beauty, especially as these sounds seemed very varied and brought together the youthful style and style the official.
And the beginning with the fashion show Dar " Carolina Herrera"Which presented a collection of about 45 pieces in the Museum of Modern Art. The group looked youthful and refreshing in vibrant colors that reflected its brightness in one way or another on the atmosphere. We saw yellow, blue, purple, orange, red, black and white Of course, the designs were inspired by different ideas. We saw the 1950s in clear designs, waist-shaped designs with exposed shoulders, fluffy skirts, the 1980s with bold colors and fluffy sleeves, along with striped fabrics and soft romantic kashaks, The fashion was yesterday, and for the fabrics it varied between chiffon, silk, satan, crepe, sequin and beaded,
and on the same day we followed the fashion show " Zadig & Voltaire"The group looked like a modern and youthful style inspired by rock and roll, this time mixed with soft feminine touches. We saw many fabrics that varied between leather, cotton fabrics, woven wool, and jeans, which was also one of the highlights of fashion yesterday. To the chiffon, which was decorated with soft gauze, and the palette varied between green in various degrees, and purple, and of course black, and white diabetic.
Dar "Oscar de la Renta , " also made Oscar de la Renta its new collection for the season spring and summer 2018, the group was inspired by the painting and the elements of this upscale art, Fbdt designs and painted as if quill artist. With phrases that seemed to be hand-written, and once again we saw the shimmering denim of the jeans, the shimmering sequins, as well as the soft kashash on delicate, colorful dresses made of soft tulle.