Working wife .. 5 ways to cook meat as soon as possible

As far as possible, the working wife seeks to save time for housework from cooking, cleaning the house and raising children, despite the conditions of life and her preoccupation with work.
Cooking takes a lot of time, so the wife wants to find the fastest way to save time, and cook meat there are 5 ways to cook them for as little time as possible, according to Bon Appétit.
Meat chop
Minced meat is the most mature, and if you want to cook meat, you must grind or buy the chopped meat, add the spices to the delicious flavor, and cook it in your favorite foods from pancakes or meatballs with pasta or pasta with balsamic and others.
If you are a barbecue fan and want to cook a large amount of meat faster, the choice of cutting the meat for small pieces will be better, until you ripen fully and faster.
Chipping for slices
It is best to cut the meat into strips so that the area exposed to fire is as large as possible, which helps to mature more quickly.
Fat with butter, oil or margarine helps to ripen faster, because fat transfers more heat to the meat, which reduces the cooking time.
Orthopedic removal
When you remove the bones, this will help cook the meat piece much faster and completely for the piece.