Designer Ziad Nusair disguises body defects

Moved between Kuwait and Lebanon, he gained extensive experience in the field of fashion design, through which he managed to deepen the taste of women and what suits them. The skill of the designer lies in his opinion in highlighting the beauty of the woman and hide the defects in her body ..
What tell us about your beginnings?
She studied fashion design at Kam School in Lebanon and then moved to Kuwait where she worked for several years in this field. Then, I went back to Lebanon and studied more in the profession, and I gained a lot of customers.
What distinguishes your style from other designers?
It is characterized by simplicity, elegance and sophistication, where I focus on highlighting the beauty of women and hide defects in her body, and here lies the skill of the designer in my opinion. I also take into account the international fashion, but certainly take into account the habits and traditions of Arab society.
What fabrics do you use?
I use several types of fabrics, especially lace and gibur, in addition to I rely on the doubt and embroidery on the cloth, for more aesthetics and elegance.
Tell us about your new collection.
I did not follow a particular line, I relied mainly on lace and tulle, accompanied by soft doubt, and the colors of the dresses were mostly light, such as azure, light pink and pastel. It also combines simplicity and elegance.
What are your highlights?
Wearing very important female figures and famous artists in the Arab world and Lebanon from my designs. In addition to my design men's suits for weddings on demand.
What are your future plans?
My interest now is in preparing for my new collection of high fashion , where I work on a distinctive idea and attractive designs.