Top tips to sparkle in velvet fashion this season!

The velvet fabrics are the highlights of the 2017-2018 winter and winter season. We have seen different colors from them, and they have spread to various dresses from skirts, skirts, jackets, blazers and more. Today, we will give you the most important tips for sparkling velvet fabrics .
This cloth is considered the most beautiful and most luxurious, especially in autumn and winter, as it has always been associated with the clothes of kings and princes. Most of the international fashion houses have introduced velvet clothing this season, such as Gucci, Prada , "Lanvin" Lanvin , and "marc Jacobs" , marc Jacobs , and "Etro" Etro , and others.
The most important tips to shine velvet fabrics:
1 - Choose the best quality velvet fabrics, and get away from the cheap species, as your ruins will look vulgar.
Choose the color grades of the velvet fabrics according to your size. If you are a full woman, choose the dark colors like jujube, zeta and black. If you are thin, choose light colors such as beige, gray, syphilis, silver and gold.
3 - Get rid of the coordination of the full of velvet, and we advise you to choose one piece of velvet in the view, that is possible to coordinate velvet jacket Velvet, with jeans, or choose a skirt of velvet with a cotton top, or adopt a dress of velvet with accessories of Skin.
4 - Choose the soft velvet for this season, and avoid the polygon or coarse velvet.
These are the top tips to shine in velvet fabrics in an elegant and elegant style, and in line with the fashion at the same time this season.