Gigi Iron turns into a bouquet of roses and a veiled Barbie glittering in Milan's performances

On the second day of the Milan Fashion Week for the 2018 spring and summer season for ready-made clothes, we followed a variety of shows and ideas, some of which seemed out of the ordinary, and others looked very elegant and elegant, with big names on the table for the second day. Such as: "Fendi" fendi , and "Prada" Prada Fairies , and "Moschino" Moschino 's , and "Max Kara" the Max the Mara , here 's the details.
Group "Fendi" fendiWe have noticed that the striped fabrics played a key role in the lineup, along with the medium-length dresses with the bare shoulders, the skirts and the skirts of the skirts with the soft shirts, and behind the group there was a fundamental idea Related to the environment, in an attempt to spread some awareness about the global warming of the world, and translated this idea to design wonderful and innovative.
As well as the same day we followed Fashion House "Prada" View Prada and of course , the group seemed to blend smart of a number of creative ideas, and saw us first animation that formed one of the sources of revelation, particularly comics, and in addition to the idea of returning to the school, which consisted Baltnanar formatted With knee-length socks, and a sense of luxury associated with the Middle Ages.
The show "Moschino" Moschino 's has been the most unusual on the agenda yesterday, especially that began with the idea associated with somewhat Balosmaninaat, the tumultuous era that created pop music and some months its stars, especially "Madonna" Madonna with the costumes that have been submitted yesterday on the supply platform in a way New. He ended up with an idea about nature, especially roses and its patterns. The models, including Gigi Hadid , have turned into a unique bouquet of spring roses.
So we followed the fashion show Max Mara, which was opened in the honey color of the Dar in elegant and youthful designs, followed by ideas that looked ideal for contemporary women, it is easy to dress, stylish and stylish at the same time, we have attracted the presence of casual Fashion veiled " Halima Aden"Halima Aden was used for the second time, offering a stylish design of a jeans jacket with a black maxi skirt.