Berberi .. Storm that preceded the calm in London Fashion Week

The " London Week " fashion of the spring and summer of 2018 accelerates to a tiff with the " Perperi House ", which is the trump card this week on the table, or like the bell that beats to collect stars and media, no thrilling show like Burberry, Their appetites evoke such an element that combines originality with contemporary and puts romance, practicality and lavish elegance into one basket. The queue was long on the gate of the Old Sessions House dating back to the 18th century, while the cries of protestors who rejected the idea of ​​using animal fur and skins In fashion they scream N "Shame on you."
In this show, it seems that the designer of the house "Anderson" has also succeeded this time in the presentation of a dress with clothes and accessories that address the young women mature, and also modern women looking for fashion that meets their daily requirements and take into account their own style of life, Made of plastic materials with lines and overlapping colors and skirts of different lengths and it seems that the house has been provided in this group a strong dose of youth, which revived Darwadtha vitality and shows in bright colors such as yellow Antik, pink, turquoise and red The bags were large and close to the bags of shopping, shoes practical and comfortable and the accessories are strong with a focus on the earrings dangling.