New York Fashion Show ... Fashion Turban & Fashion Smeenat

The New York Fashion Week concluded its 2018 spring and summer for ready-to-wear, and we followed a number of spectacular performances on the last day, most notably Michael Kors , Marc Jacobs and Marchesa , The Turban fashion was dominated by a number of fashion models.
In Michael Kors's show , as usual, we followed a unique collection of different tastes, ages and weights in line with Kors's view that fashion is for everyone and not only for fashion models. "
 Indeed, the designs looked varied and inspired by Hawaiian, and the summer vacations, which took pride in the bourgeoisie, with the sequined one-shoulder sequins, carefully dressed safari suits, and others that looked more practical and comfortable with bohemian t-shirts, Broad pants, shoes without heel.
The color palette seemed fairly calm, ranging from white, beige, light blue, black, pink and metallic silver, as we saw the tropical roses that seemed clear to the eye on some of the designs, and appeared on other designs staggering and intertwined with each other. We have brought the fashion of large handbags, which are ideal for travel and trips, in addition to the stylish bags decorated by soft sashes.
On the same day we followed Marc Jacobs' fashion show, Which presented an innovative group like the habit, blending a number of strange ideas, to form the end as he called a global group of different women, has attracted us fashion Turpan accompanied all the models, referring to the elegant accessories that were associated with women veiled, and revolutionary women in the seventies, To a number of peoples, even with a towel that the woman wears her head after leaving the shower. Varieties in the group were varied, and we saw the patterns of roses, dotted fabrics, or crochet or caro.
 The fabrics included cotton, chiffon, sequins, crepe, raincoats, etc. The group also included striking accessories with crystal contracts, gloves, sandals without heels, and bags of different design and sizes.
Dar "Marchesa" also provided Marchesa new group also characterized like habit sophistication and femininity tyrant, the designs luxurious evening dresses, looked like princesses dresses came made of fabrics tulle, chiffon and silk with varying bright colors also feminine, such as: red, pink, light blue, beige , Green, and black of course, roses that were also present, has added a soft spring and distinctive touches.
See the most beautiful shows we followed at the end of the New York Fashion Week for the spring and summer of 2018.