How to enhance your beauty with silver hair?

Silver color is the star of the colors for this season, and although it is more colors that need resolution bold thinking long before selected for your hair, but you can choose very simply now; because it is very popular among the girls this season, instead of using hair wigs in silver, you can take This bold step to dye your hair in this color, do not worry, the silver color of the colors that are compatible with many colors, such as: red, blue, orange, so you will not have a problem when you choose clothes or make-up .

Here are tips "Madam Net" on how to deal with this color:
1. official to visit: You can wear a jacket and shirt with shoe leather necklace suitable for the color of your hair with a hairstyle official hair a little bit, and Sthsalin a fantastic view of the silver your hair, it Senasbk a lot in official times .
2. Mix it with other colors: Silver is a color that you can use with many other colors. With your silver hair you can wear blue, pink, yellow, green and other colors. You can wear a green jacket with black and jeans and silver hair. The view is fantastic.
3 . Hair Accessories:The silver color of the most appropriate colors of hair that will fit with hair accessories in the form of roses, you can put artificial flowers on your hair to increase the beauty and elegance with a dress full of vitality, and then you will feel the brilliance of your superstition.
4. Suitable makeup for silver hair: prefer to put the color of cherry on your lips with your silver hair to highlight your hair, while the shade of the eyes prefer to use the colors of calm or keep your eyes black mascara and mascara only for a wonderful view.